laptop advice and is it worth the cash

  spacedonkey1976 17:51 19 Dec 2011

HI ladies and gents,

Our in Qatar with the RAF.

American shop on camp has got laptops for sale.

The one i'm looking at is approx £340 (pounds not dollars). 350 quid is my budget and i would seek to get it soon

Toshiba Satellite P755 6 GIG RAM 64 bit operating system Intel(R) Core (TM) i5 2430M CPU @2.40 GHZ Graphics Intel HD Graphics family (1696 MB total available graphics)

  1. Is that a good deal?
  2. Will it be ok for sticking movie clips together in movie maker for HD footage?
  3. Will it be pretty fast online etc ( i know it depends on connection etc )

Thanks in advance


  KRONOS the First 18:20 19 Dec 2011

Seems a pretty good price as they seem to go for about £500-£600 depending on model.

Question 1: I would say yes.

Question 2: Again I would say yes.

Question 3: As you say that is dependant on your connection speed.

  Ian in Northampton 18:24 19 Dec 2011

£340 for a Core i5 6GB Toshiba laptop? I'd have their hands off... I'd think that was seriously good value. The cheapest I can find that model on eBay is £466 - +£70 postage from the US. (If it makes any difference, I'd suggest the model you're looking at is a US model). I wouldn't have too many doubts about its graphics capability: the integrated graphics that come with the Core i5 are supposed to be pretty good - and editing video is a memory hog, but the 6GB should be more than sufficient. Online performance should be just fine. I'd say: go for it.

  robin_x 18:51 19 Dec 2011

You can easily change US keyboards to UK for £15-30.

Then change Windows settings.

Plenty of youtube videos how to do it or post back here.

Don't do a Bradley Manning. Happy Christmas.

  robin_x 18:57 19 Dec 2011

Oh and grab a 110V-240V AC travel adapter plug ($2?) while your there. The 'brick' will be 110V-240V but with crappy pins.

Or you can by another here for ~£15

  robin_x 18:59 19 Dec 2011

I can spell honest

  john bunyan 19:17 19 Dec 2011

I have bought 2 Toshibas this year for relatives. Yours seems a bargain - see here for a lower spec PC. I would go for it. Does it include Windows 7 64 bit - do ensure you get the id code or this as to buy W7 could be expensive.

  onthelimit1 20:47 19 Dec 2011

PX prices are usually very competitive (if you're allowed to shop there). Spent a fortnight in the Quatari mess a few years ago - interesting food and no booze! Liked the cardoman coffee though..

  robin_x 21:07 19 Dec 2011

Just thought, VAT applies in the Red Channel!??


  spacedonkey1976 11:32 20 Dec 2011

Thanks to everyone for all the information and advice.

No need to worry about VAT on a military flight Robin ;)

The different key layout doesnt bother me too much and i'll get the right adapters for the brick too.

John, its Windows 7 home premium, is that an issue mate?

  robin_x 11:45 20 Dec 2011

Actually I was confused yesterday, thinking of adapter bricks that plug in the socket and only a DC lead.

Just cut the US plug off the AC lead and fit a UK plug of course.

W7 Home is fine. There are a few features not supported, compared to W7 Professional and Ultimate. (Remote Desktop and Network Backup, but there are free apps that do that)

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