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  Mooky19 20:11 21 Apr 2012


I looking to get my first ever laptop. I have £500 budget, want it for general use and watching movies both on dvd and online and would like a number pad on the keyboard. Had looked at the Sony Vaio and HP dv6 but getting conflicting advice. Please help!

  rdave13 20:35 21 Apr 2012

For the difference in cost I'd buy the HP.

Compared to this Sony.

You might need to search other sites for better deals but look at the specs shown for these two.

  Mooky19 18:57 26 Apr 2012

thanks i've seen that sony vaio and like it but heard mixed reviews about Sony.

  chub_tor 19:06 26 Apr 2012

You will read mixed reviews about all laptop suppliers whether it is Acer, Asus, Toshiba, HP, Lenovo or Sony. Sony is one of the more reliable manufacturers and have good after sales service.

  Mooky19 20:16 28 Apr 2012
  chub_tor 11:53 29 Apr 2012

Comparing the two specs it seems that the Sony has a smaller hard drive but has 4 USB ports and a card reader they are the only differences that I can see. My personal choice would be the Sony, others may differ.

  Bike-it 13:08 29 Apr 2012

I have had several laptops from different manufactures Emachine, Dell and now a Sony Vaio custom build one, IMO the Sony is by far the best one i have owned or used, my son was so impressed with mine he bought one for himself. Good lick choosing.

  Mooky19 19:49 09 May 2012

Hey sorry to bother again found this and like the feel but cant find any reviews can anyone help,

  frybluff 22:40 09 May 2012

On the plus side, Toshiba are a well respected brand, and you are getting a fair bit of "bang for your buck". I take it, it's older/ discontinued model, but that's reflected in price. Plenty good enough for "general" use, although not for gaming, if you want that.

I note one thing in spec, that you should check. It claims to have 3 No USB3 ports. If it has, great, but I think that might be a misprint. Probably should read 3 No USB2, which are not as fast, but still OK.

  chub_tor 09:24 10 May 2012

Lazarus The 2nd

Plus one USB2 supporting Sleep n Charge further down the list making a total of 3 x USB2

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