[DELETED] 13:38 08 Jun 2006

hi i have a laptop with only a floppy drive on it,is there any way i can load software that is on cd onto it,its just a cheapy 2nd hand one that i will be using on the road to access excel and sage accounts,so once these were loaded i wouldnt need a cd drive

  [DELETED] 13:51 08 Jun 2006

Hi Moorie.

You can get yourself a cheap USB external cd drive online!!

  [DELETED] 14:42 08 Jun 2006

any suggestions bear in mind the laptop was £50

  [DELETED] 15:14 08 Jun 2006

MMMMMMM.... do you have a home PC?... if so why not use a usb flash drive, and copy what you need, lot cheaper!

examples.. click here

  [DELETED] 15:49 08 Jun 2006

hi yes ive got a pc and another laptop which has a cd drive also a 128mb memory stick but can you transfer te software?it seems ok to transfer files but i want install the software

  [DELETED] 16:08 08 Jun 2006

...Sorry totally forgot that was what you asked for in the first place :-]...

network your pc to laptop, share the cd drive, that way you can use your laptop to access the cd drive of pc!.. then keep files on a flash as backup!

  [DELETED] 17:14 08 Jun 2006

mmm,ive just networked the laptop and 2nd pc to my main pc but couldnt do the cheapy as i couldnt load the driver cd for the cardbus pci adapter to share the cable broadband internet connection etc catch 22?
can i network the cheapy on seperate network via a cable as the wireless card not loaded to connect via network.

  [DELETED] 18:18 08 Jun 2006

Do you have a crossover network cable? you can connect directly!

steps to help you....
click here

  [DELETED] 18:42 08 Jun 2006

hi thanks for that ,crossover cables seem cheap enough at a few pounds,once connected is it relatively easy to install software from pc with cd to laptop without
any ideas
thanks again

  [DELETED] 18:55 08 Jun 2006

hi also thought i would ask if i had a external hard drive with software installed on it and then connected the external hard drive to laptop would i be able to run the programs

  [DELETED] 19:22 08 Jun 2006

you can use an external HDD as long as the spec of the laptop is good enough..

min Pentium II - 233 MHz - RAM 32 MB.. dependant on type.. approx £60+..

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