Laptop for 12 year old to take to school

  Spillett1966 15:38 08 Apr 2010

My son has to use a laptop in school, need a cheapish one as may be dropped/don't want it to be a target for thieves, but needs relatively good battery life and light as he will have to carry it around. Anyone got any recommendations?

  Pineman100 18:52 08 Apr 2010

What will the laptop have to do? I'm wondering whether a little netbook would suit.

I think you have to accept that any computer is potentially a target for thieves, no matter how low priced it may be. The thief will probably just see "a computer", rather than exercising any selectivity!

So the important thing will be to instil the best security practices into your son.

  Spillett1966 19:11 08 Apr 2010

have been told a netbook would be too slow (by salesman in pc world) he needs to be able to run word, excel and powerpoint and browse internet but no games etc as we have a desktop at home for that.

  chub_tor 19:16 08 Apr 2010

Salesman is telling porkies, for running word etc a netbook would be fine. They have long battery life which is good but no CD/DVD drive. They are light to carry around but make sure you have accidental damage insurance of some kind either with your home policy or separate. It could get dropped. Also make sure he backs up his work regularly preferably to an external drive such as a USB stick. That way if it does get nicked he won't have lost his school work.

  MAT ALAN 19:17 08 Apr 2010

If your school have PCs then why not use a pen/flash drive you can then transfer data from school to home simply for "not a lot"

  ame 20:54 08 Apr 2010

If a dvd drive is needed (and it is very handy) then Staples is a good place to look for cheap laptops e.g. click here Not light tho' Just an example - there may be other laptops on their website that suit better. Don't spend too much - it's bound to get broken!

  lotvic 21:16 08 Apr 2010

I'm using a secondhand IBM Thinkpad with XP pro and run MSOffice 2007 on it with no bother and am on wireless internet just at moment.
Works perfectly fine.
Take no notice of salesman in pc world.

  User-1229748 20:06 10 Apr 2010

salesman in pc world once told me vista never had its own firewall while trying to sell me others have advised take no notice at all.if you could post the details of any you are interested in then you may find someone at the forums with the same netbook

  User-1229748 20:08 10 Apr 2010

sorry,netbook or laptop :o)

  ronalddonald 21:23 10 Apr 2010

Sales people at PC world are always always trying to get you buy something you dont need or make you buy high spec machine that you didnt need.

Always shop around go to Nova tech ask in the forum for other websites where you could get hold of a used laptop im sure there are peole who be more than willing to recommend just ask.

  Strawballs 13:16 11 Apr 2010

My son is an apprentice and he uses an Asus netbook for between college, work and home, is running office 2003 student version that I had to put on for him as the salesman in comet sold it to him on disc and is more than adequate has built in wireless which he uses for internet at home and places with free wireless.

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