Laptaop WiFi Hot Spot Setup

  astro1989 16:58 22 Oct 2012

Can a Laptop be used to setup a WiFi hot spot when it is connected to the internet via a wireless "Cricket USB Broadband Stick". I want to be able to access the internet with my Kindle Fire and IPhone without having to pay Wifi Charges for each device. Thanks

  northumbria61 19:05 22 Oct 2012
  [email protected] 20:36 22 Oct 2012

Let's see if I've understood this right?

You've got a laptop with its own internet connection (USB modem?). You do not have a wireless router.

You want to connect your iphone and kindle to your laptop using WiFi, then piggy back off its internet connection?

If that's right then yes, this should be possible. You need to set up an ad-hoc network on your laptop, and then set your internet connection as shared.

  woodchip 21:50 22 Oct 2012

Hot Spots are like when you want WiFi for free or pay. McDonalds is free WiFi when you turn your laptop on it will see the Hot Spot to connect to and you just sign in

  retep888™ 00:28 23 Oct 2012

You'll need Reverse Tether.

click here for iPhone Reverse Tether.

click here for android Reverse Tether

click here for kindle Reverse Tether

  HenryF75 08:31 23 Oct 2012

Connectify This should give you what you want if you are on Win 7

  astro1989 13:18 26 Oct 2012

Thanks to all responders. I tried Connectify Pro and it works perfectly... Great answers...great forum

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