lappy nicked formated notworking

  burnleyshopmobility 14:55 07 Jul 2011

hi all my laptop and other stuff was take from my home i got my lappy back but the person! who took it re formated it so i have lost my window xp disc i still have the codes for windows xp can i download xp for free from anywere hope u can help david

  chub_tor 15:17 07 Jul 2011

If you can borrow an XP disc you can use the code on your laptop to re-intall it.

  burnleyshopmobility 18:08 07 Jul 2011

i tried to borrow two but both wrer copys i will have to keep looking as i need this for a charty i work for thank for teying to help david

  gengiscant 07:36 08 Jul 2011

It should not matter that the XP disks were copies only that they were the same as yours, ie home or pro or oem. If the XP came with the laptop it will likely be oem. Do you have a sticker on the bottom of your laptop, this will tell you what version of XP you have. Once you know what version you have we can see about getting you a copy.

  finerty 18:55 09 Jul 2011

place disc in disc drive look at screen follow instructions, did you also have a drivers disc, you will have to use that after you have installed xp

  Devil Fish 01:38 15 Jul 2011

their are several places you could download xp from but it would be far better if you could borrow a disk from a trusted source as downloads you never know what extra;s you are getting in the form of virus and malware

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