Lap Top for use abroad

  lpl56407 06:02 21 Oct 2006

Excuse my ignorance - Hope you can help.
I need to buy a lap top for use in the UK and abroad.
Can I simply plug it into a phone socket when abroad and use my usual Broadband/ISP as normal or is there more to it than that?
Will need it in Europe and the US.

  Enoch 06:19 21 Oct 2006

I travel a lot to the USA and use my laptop daily.

In my case the two points are important. Firstly, your laptop will work in any country on their relative power (for the USA 110v). However you will need the correct plug conversion to plug into the local power. The converters are available in all UK electrical shops. In the States convert the 3 pin plug to a 2 pin plug. The existing transformer on the laptop power lead will recognise the strength of the power and adjust accordingly.

However, to go online, you have to use a local server to where you are and then, once on line, you can surf the web under their service and collect your emails by going into your UK servers home page, finding members services, typing in your username and password.

Hopefully ths advice makes sense for you

  wiz-king 07:30 21 Oct 2006

You will need a set of mains adapters as in the previous post and also a set of telephone plugs as phone jacks vary.
You will have to find out if you ISP has any links to ISPs in the country your going to, or set up an PAYG internet account in each country.
The easiest way it to have a wireless connection and use the local hot-spots but this only works in the major towns and city's.

You could end up with a big bag of leads and plugs!

  lpl56407 04:09 24 Oct 2006

Thankyou both for the advice.

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