lap-top shows connected to mains but is not

  end 11:39 11 Sep 2004

a mystery , probably easily solved by the A team;
my lap-top has a power cable (yes it does!!); normally running on batteries, then charge when necessary.

odddly, when the power cable is plugged in but switched OFF, the lappy still "tells " me that the thing IS "connected" to the mains, and does not show the battery symbol, so I have little idea of the battery "status" until I get my warning tones.
is it a "quirk" of lap tops that the power cable must not even be in the socket if I want to see the battery?

does that make sense:)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:56 11 Sep 2004

You don't say what laptop.

Some laptops recognize the mains cable by detecting current / voltage to charge battery, others have a tiny switch in the mains socket activated when the cable is plugeged in.

Yours sounds like one of the latter type.

  end 12:13 11 Sep 2004

del latitude CPt (sorry!! didnt realise the model would be important..should know better:( )

at least that is what it says on the lid:)

  end 12:33 11 Sep 2004

I have removed the cable from the back of the lappy but it is still showing AS I have to reboot or what?

  end 13:33 11 Sep 2004

the lap-top has still not "kicked in" with the fact that I am on battery and not mains. the cable is out of the back of the thing but the machine is still "recognizing" it as being IN; it works in reverse when I attach the cable, but not , seemingly , this way; do I have to reboot or what?

  end 18:53 11 Sep 2004

I have now switched the thing on again after a break from it, and with the power cable OUT of the thing, it is showing AS "running on battery" ; so...begs the question as to HOW this machine "works" with the power lead; naturally, when I do attach the lead with the thing running, then it changes to show the lead attached, but does not seem to happen the reverse way;

any "clues" from the floor as I am mystified; have I to change some setting on it somewhere or....:)

and, yes, the "low battery " alarm has been programed to sound as has the critical battery alarm..

  wee eddie 22:41 11 Sep 2004

Wizz down to the Patent Office as fast as you can.

Much cheaper than "Cold Fusion" as well!

  VoG II 22:46 11 Sep 2004


  end 22:55 11 Sep 2004

the question still remains without an answer;

and my "family " name is so powerful that the Patent office would wonder just what had hit it with the speed of delivery:)

  VoG II 23:05 11 Sep 2004

my "family " name is so powerful

Is "Dell"?

  end 23:19 11 Sep 2004

at the risk of offending "the powers that be"..FAR more powerful::))

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