lap-top refuses to connect to internet

  end 22:34 15 Aug 2004

Windows 98SE, Broadband installed, IE6 OE,DELcomputer intel celeron processor, external floppy drive, internal cd drive, NO cd rewriter( the issues with THAT are another thread"s worth) ; had loaded and updated Norton antivirus 2003, then seeming "conflict" with it wanting to constantly "update" something, giving me the "beacon" for updating, but receiving nothing.
uninstalled the Norton ;add/remove programs states I still have on here Live reg(symantec Corporation) and Live \Update 1.80 (symantec Corporation).
I have BT Voyager ADSL Modem;
I am unable to run both computers on the internet aas do not have a router here yet ( one I think on order) so any "test" of the lap-top means I ahve to shut the main one down and transfer the modem cord to the lap-top.

HAD wondered whether the taking off of the Norton has taken off somethign that is needed to connect to the net.
If I have to look for and check any settings, SIMPLE instructions would be appreciated please,(one very novice here); even when I have connected the lap-top to the modem and asked for the thing to power up, Machi does not load nor attempt TO load, and I get my two red arrows instead of green, on my modem box all I get is one green light, andf never a second one flashing them staying on, as happens with the main computer.

my computer guy is "in touch" with me but I am wondering if there is "something obvious and simple" that I am "missing " ( a few brain cells have gone walk-about )...can anyone offer any glint of what I might need to look at on the thing to correct this please..and thanks in advance..if I have to resort to my computer man paing a site visit I will, but an easy solution to this would be useful......

  THE TERMINATOR 23:42 15 Aug 2004

Go into device manager and delete your modem. When you restart windows will recognise your modem and re-install your drivers for it. (may need drivers disk handy here), then it should be working....TT

  end 23:59 15 Aug 2004

how will it "recognise" the modem if I have removed it from the devise manager? and which drivers disk are we refering to..the BB CD or what?
can you explain in simple terms what I may hav "done" to the thing to get it in the state it is please?
at present I have touched nor changed anything and will look at things when I am more "alert" is nearly the Witching Hour and time I was in my bed...but thanks for the advise so "listening"...

  Djohn 00:54 16 Aug 2004

Good advice from "THE TERMINATOR". When you remove your modem from Device manager, Your not actually taking it out of your PC, just the software drivers.

When you re-boot your PC it will find the hardware [Modem] but without drivers.

This is because you have removed them from device manager prior to re-boot.

The "Found new hardware wizard" will come up on-screen and give you the choice of letting windows find the drivers, [It will look in it's own database of drivers] or, install your own from the driver CD you have. Choose the latter option of using your own drivers. I think the wording is, "Let me choose my own drivers"

The driver you want will be the CD for the Modem.

Insert the CD and follow the on-screen instructions to install new drivers then use the same settings as your desktop machine to make a connection to your ISP.

  Djohn 01:03 16 Aug 2004

Don't forget, It's the broadband modem that you need to remove from device manager and not the internal 56k dial-up modem.

When you reboot your Laptop it will not give the "Found new hardware wizard" because your broadband modem is an external one and not connected to the laptop, [Not yet anyway].

After the laptop has rebooted insert the broadband modem CD and follow the instructions on-screen, it will tell you when to connect the modem USB lead to the laptop.

  end 07:09 16 Aug 2004

thanks for all this ; one query at this point please. I need then to make sure that, before I go charging around , that my wires for the modem are NOT connected to my lap-top ; my "difficulty " at present is that I cannot have both machines running on web as I have only the one connection so cannot "experiment" with things " on the hoof" "so-to -speak", and will have to print this lot out later today, shut this machine down and try the lap-top.( then scream!!!)

of "interest" has been "strongly suggested" by another forum member that I "ditch" the Norton, and go for AGV antivirus....any comments ON AGV???
and, probably "stating the obvious" to you experts, but what is the difference betweent the "broadband" modem and the "56K dial up" modem; am just firing up the lap-top to try and see them on it...

having gone into devise manager;under Modem , all I can see is Standard PCMCIA Card Modem;
of interest
under USB"s I have
generic USB hub, Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host controller

and USB Root Hub
I have a USB extension lead on here with four ends to it.

havign seen the above, I now wonder if my modem is not actally ON here anywaY ; where else can I look to find what we are after or..??

and the Modem properties state that it is in port COM2
speed 115200

next "guidance"please....

I have the feeling from what I have seen that I do not have here what I should be looking for....or am I wrong???

  johnsims 07:53 16 Aug 2004

Why don't you pretend that you've never been able to connect to the internet with your laptop and start from the beginning with your BT Voyager, following the installation instructions that were supplied with it. There are two elements to this; firstly install the drivers from the CD supplied, and then the IE settings.

  end 11:34 16 Aug 2004

am just looking at the lap-op and wondering if there is any "repair " tool I can use for this ; but, what I would like to know is , what has "got clobbered" and by what and how, as it WAS "talking to the net" as I had managed to send an e mail from it, before this hasle with the Norton and removing it...
and this is a job for when I do not have to be at work in the next hour ...

and, what you are sugggesting, johnsimms, I think, means I need to uninstall the thing then reinstall it, or am I reading that wrong?

I cannot yet understand how the Norton has clobbered this, and I think it is the culprit, although I have no problems (yet!() with it on my main computer..

  johnsims 12:04 16 Aug 2004

According to your earlier post, the only modem listed in device manager is your pcmcia modem. If the BT Voyager is not listed you cannot uninstall it.

Get out the CD and instruction manual that came with the Voyager. Read the instruction manual and do a fresh install of the drivers accoring to the instruction manual.

Once that is done you will need to set up IE. With IE open, click on the tools menu, choose options and open the connections tab. Your ISP should be shown, check that the default is your broadband supplier. Click on the settings button, make sure all three boxes are unticked as these refer to the use of a proxy server. Check that your user name and password are correct (in box at bottom). Close the proxy server window box and then make sure that the "Never Dial a Connection" is selected.

If there are any instructions as to the settings you need in the BT Voyager instruction manual, make sure you follow them to the letter - if they conflict with what I've written above, follow the manual in preference to my own.

  johnsims 12:08 16 Aug 2004

A further point.

I do not think the install and uninstall of Norton is the culprit. Look at your first post -you said "with it wanting to constantly "update" something, giving me the "beacon" for updating, but receiving nothing."

This would indicate that there was no connection being established at that time, before you uninstalled Norton.

  end 22:10 16 Aug 2004

am sending this from my lap-top!!
have put in the BB CD while unconnected from BB cable and asked machine to go through the process of installing BB on here.have obeyed all requests fron the CD and reinput some basic information: the thing has then been restarted and seems to be behaving itself. however, i have yet to close it and have another go at starting it.meanwhile I have no virus protection on here so need to deal with that issue :

my "thought" while at work today was " what might happen if I just put my BB CD in the drive and "run" it" far it seems to be having some good effect!!

will leave this thread open just in case of any problems , and thanks for "sticking with it"..

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