Lap top no longer wireless

  planetdizzi 23:03 03 Oct 2007

hi, we have a 2 month old laptop which I painstakingly with my limited knowledge set up a wireless connection on it was already wireless enabled - today we were using it and it lost the wireless connection and everything to do with it the connect to option dissapeared out of the start menu and it is just now showing that a cable is unplugged although the wireless switch is on the light is out but the program that ran it seems to have dissapeared do you think this is a setting problem or a fault with the laptop as |I say one minute was fine the next gone any advice would be greatly appreciated before I go back to pc world and make myself look a dim wit,

  brundle 23:12 03 Oct 2007

OK, what make and model laptop, XP or Vista, do you remember what the wireless connection software was called, what make and model is your wireless router - sometimes the XP wireless software is simpler and works just as well...

  planetdizzi 23:19 03 Oct 2007

it is only a cheapie from pc world its an e system EL3101 notebook running on windows XP we have been pleased with it till today have just switched it back on to find relevant info for you and the wirless light and connection in corner are all lit again? - I think it is Ralink Wireless
on laptop and router is a D-Link

  planetdizzi 23:22 03 Oct 2007

also it has cross through ralink and is saying the card is disconnected but I have never put a card in??

  skidzy 21:17 04 Oct 2007

On some laptops to activate the wirelesss,press

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