Lap top needs repair - it's under warranty, but unsure what to do !!

  geek84 21:13 01 Sep 2011

Hi Folks

I bought a lap top from Staples Direct about 10 months ago - so it is still covered by their 12 month warranty.

Recently, the lap top started playing up, and Staples Direct agreed for it to be collected and do the necessary repairs to it. However, they want me to do the packaging for the lap top in order for it to be sent back to them (i.e. lap top to be packed in a suitable sized box and lap top covered in bubble wrap to minimize damage), for their courier to collect.

Is this normal for a supplier to request? I was under the impression that it is the supplier's duty to make sure the lap top is suitably packed (once collected from the customer), so that it does not get damaged when taking it to back their work shop or returning it to their customers?

Thanks in advance for your response.

  wee eddie 21:38 01 Sep 2011

I would use your Phone's Camera to record the condition of the lappy and the process of Packing. Then eMail them, copies of the photos, before the Lappy is collected.

Remember that Staples will, almost certainly, wipe everything on your Hard Drive, so make sure that you have another copy of everything apart from the OS. In other-words, Back-up everything to an External Hard Drive if possible.

  northumbria61 00:14 02 Sep 2011

"However, they want me to do the packaging for the lap top in order for it to be sent back to them - for their courier to collect"

You can't really expect the courier van driver to package your laptop for you - I doubt if you would find a courier service that would do that. Parcels have to be packaged ready for collection. Some laptop warranties provide special packaging boxes to be used in case of return under warranty (I know Acer do this) but if not then you are obliged to follow the company's policy on this - ie.the bubble wrap etc.

  BT 08:41 02 Sep 2011

"You can't really expect the courier van driver to package your laptop for you"

When I sent a Laptop back to PCWorld a few years ago the courier brought a special padded bag for us to put the machine in. It was returned in the same bag which we got to keep.

  onthelimit1 09:00 02 Sep 2011

Dell provide the courier with a box and packing (or did the last time I sent one back).

  Terry Brown 09:41 02 Sep 2011

I don't suppose you have the original packing that the laptop come with, as that would be ideal for returning it. Terry

  finerty 11:05 02 Sep 2011

if you got the original packaging use that, but beware of parts that come out of slots like Ethernet cards, sometime they can go missing and then argument ensues between them and and you. You claiming it came with the machine and they claim it wasn't inside the machine.

Also try to take a picture of the battery out of the machine, the hard drive and the ram. You can never be sure even under warranty, you dont know f staples will send to a 3rd party to do the repairs.

  woodchip 11:10 02 Sep 2011

HP also do not request it to Packed, Well not when I sent my Laptop back

  bachmannmann 15:39 16 Sep 2011

Acer doesnt reques tit to be packed, when i had troubles. get assistance at your local post office?

  Forum Editor 15:39 17 Sep 2011

Some suppliers supply packaging, some don't. You really have no option but to comply with the request that the supplier has made, and in any case, it's your laptop and you should surely have a vested interest in seeing that it's adequately protected?

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