Lap top for home use

  Hayley39 18:29 24 Mar 2010

I want to buy a lap top is it worth buying a reconditioned one?

  User-1229748 00:11 25 Mar 2010

purely personal but i wouldn't no.but many people on the forums have suggested reconditioned lappys.not much help i'm afraid :o(

  birdface 10:23 25 Mar 2010

Probably better with a Desktop as it should last longer.
Not sure about a reconditioned one or not.My grandkids had new ones and had a lot of trouble with them.Then again they never took good care of them.
Maybe have a look on E-buyer some fairly cheap new ones on there.Or Amazon.I think both do free delivery.

  Terry Brown 11:45 25 Mar 2010

It all depends on what you want to do with it, If all you want it for is Office work, surfing the internet etc, it may be OK , however if you want to play a lot of 'Graphical' games on it, then I would say go for a Desktop.

  ame 12:44 25 Mar 2010

Not sure why others are suggesting a desktop and mentioning different uses being relevant when Hayley39 says he/she wants to buy a laptop. Desktops are more reliable and repairable, though. Personally, I wouldn't risk a reconditioned laptop as they are difficult to get into and repair, so it could be expensive if it goes wrong. Your choice though....

  mooly 19:29 25 Mar 2010

I wouldn't dream of so called "reconditioned".

You just don't know the history or useage... what exactly has been reconditioned too ?

I would want a new HDD, new battery, new power sockets, hinges, AC adapter, the list goes on.... ;) in other words all the things that may/will give trouble.

No, if you want a laptop, buy new and look after it and it will look after you.

  birdface 10:01 26 Mar 2010

Just pointing out that a desktop should last longer with less problems.
E-buyer and Amazon do both and at reasonable prices so she could compare.
With a laptop the battery may not last that long,The power connector also which can cost from £20-£80 for a new one.The actual power connection on the laptop which can work loose and cause all sorts of problems.
If treated properly the laptop should work Ok it is when you let the Kids on to it that the trouble starts.
They will use it in bed where it overheats stretch the lead so they can fit it where they want.Drop it.You name it kids will do it.
If treated with respect it should last for a fairly long time.
I suppose that is why I recommended a desktop.

  ame 11:33 26 Mar 2010

Thought that was what you meant. Agree about kids and laptops - I had 2 secondhand Dell laptops (from friend who works in a private school)and both times the power connection socket got broken by my teenage sons, as it was directly attached to main circuit board. Great design - not :(
I then bought an HP laptop from Ebuyer but have not allowed them to take it into their bedrooms where the damage is done! :0)

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