lap top help

  Newuser2533 18:34 13 Aug 2003

-I down loaded small progs from the internet onto my computer and subsiquently onto a floppy.
When I tried to load them into a lap top I was met with this message.
"The drive or network connection that the short cut refers to is unavailable. Make sure the disk is properly installed or the network resource is available and then try again"

-Can I only download into the lap top?

-I have loaded, from the internet, some games from into the lap top. They run very slowly.

-I have 786MB used and 17.8GB free on the C drive

-I haven't got Kodak Imaging on my lap top, can I down load it from some where as I haven't got a disk to go with the lap top.

Sorry for being so thick.


Ron Adams

  wiznyme 18:55 13 Aug 2003

You have almost certainly only copied the shortcut that points to the program onto the floppy disk and not the actual program.

Also if you are trying to run the other programs on your laptop directly from the floppy drive it will be much slower than accessing them from the hard drive.

  woodchip 19:00 13 Aug 2003

Is the program you put on the floppy a Zip file or .EXE file?

  Newuser2533 19:32 13 Aug 2003

It's .EXE file

  woodchip 20:49 13 Aug 2003

You should just double click the file to run it

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