lap top freezes when in the bios

  pc mad 20:24 02 Aug 2007

hi, i have a hp laptop running a pentium 4, 3.2 ghz cpu,xp wouldnt load up, and the screen was very dim, i suspected the hard drive, so i put a new one in, but i cant format and install os because the computer freezes in the bios, i though it might be the bios battery so i put a new one in, problem still there, any advice please,

  skidzy 20:34 02 Aug 2007

Only thing i can think of is either ram or power supply problem or corrupted bios.

Have you recently flashed the bios with an updated version.

  pc mad 20:39 02 Aug 2007

no havent flashed the bios at all, you mentioned ram, i did take one stick out and try it and then put it back and took other out, made no difference,

  skidzy 21:00 02 Aug 2007

Grasping at straws really,can you access the fan and check its clear ?

If clear i suspect power supply problem..or even a faulty motherboard.

Now im not sure with this laptop,but some bios chips can be replaced,look for the bios chip and make a note of its details,normally stamped on the top.
For example click here

Some info on bios chips if yours is supported click here

This is a shot in the dark and others may have there views.

  dan* 22:00 02 Aug 2007

" and the screen was very dim "

What happens when you press the Fn key with the F8 key. Does this improve the clarity.

"xp wouldnt load up"

Have you tried pressing the F8 key as the system loads and going into safe mode or even better safe mode with command prompt. if you can get to a prompt you can initiate system restore.

" but i cant format and install os because the computer freezes in the bios,"

Try pressing F2 as it boots. this should let you into the boot order screen. Just change this to cdrom first boot and start with the disk in. Is your system the one with an OEM version of windows?

  T0SH 22:23 02 Aug 2007

If a laptop screen gets very dim there can be two causes one the easiest to fix the screen brightness has been turned down use the fn key plus the key with a bright sun icon to increase the brightness two the hardest and costliest to fix screen back light tube or the invertor is failing this fix normally requires a shop repair and a fat wallet to pay the bill ,on the freeze up in BIOS setup are you using the keyboard to move around using the keys indicated on screen , reinstalling your OS will not fix a dim laptop screen

Cheers HC

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