lap-top cannot defrag in safe mode

  p;3 06:08 23 Mar 2006

I was of the imnpression that, in safe mode, a machine should have no problems operating? my somewhat limited Del laptop is refusing to defrag in safe mode; the program itself will not open or run from either the main menue nor the shortcut on the desk top ; scan disc will run as will other programs and I can run defrag up to a point in normal mode; is this something I should be concerned about ; this laptop is really used now for "trying out" different things more than using for intensive main computer work; my intrigue is its non ability to even open the program while in safe mode; when I click on the program the egg-timer appears,...and that is all ;it just thinks, and thinks and thinks; I am not too worried, but wonder if anyone has any ideas about this?

  WhiteTruckMan 12:59 23 Mar 2006

Telling us what version of windows would be helpfull.


  bof:) 13:05 23 Mar 2006

jf win98 can you set scandisk to thorough and just leave pc running?

  p;3 22:55 23 Mar 2006

my appologies; win 98e is on lappy; and scan disc is no problem; the defrag IS; it will not even open in safe mode; when I click on the desktop shortcut or even go to the program in the start menue the defrag will not run; I"ll have another go at it but I have my doubts

  WhiteTruckMan 08:21 24 Mar 2006

run scandisk in dos. make sure you select the thorough option to do a surface scan.

when finished run scanreg. follow the on screen instructions to restore the reg files to the earliest one. theres only going to be about a weeks worth, so no big deal.

restart to windows and see how it goes.

note: do NOT try a defrag in dos.


  bof:) 17:57 24 Mar 2006

Hi p;3, when I used win98se I found a program called Disk keeper lite its free from here:

click here

Download and install it. When you run it, I seem to remember it shuts down your pc restarts it and then does a defrag. Its faster than win98's defrag.

It will only defrag 1 hard drive though.


  p;3 10:21 25 Mar 2006

a comment; I know my lap top is "not that good" , but it is my alternative if the main desk top has issues ; however, I thought that safe mode should allow any program to operate, especially the basic ones; so why will the basic one of defragment not even open in safe mode?or does no one have any idea?

  baldtaco 10:24 25 Mar 2006

Try running this first: click here

  bof:) 13:15 25 Mar 2006

Hi p;3, I have to say I would have thought like yourself that safe mode should allow defrag to operate. I dont know why yours doesnt at present. Have you tried the program I suggested? If so has it worked? Try it and if it successfully defrags your hard drive, try defrag in safe mode after.


  bof:) 11:31 17 May 2006

Hi p:3 I'm just checking through my postings. Did you manage to get defrag working ?


  bof:) 11:43 17 May 2006

HI p:3,have you tried Dell technical help site?

click here

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