language in Spellcheck

  woodburner 09:25 22 Jan 2010

My computer collapsed recently and had the operating sytem (XP) reinstlled, however ,spellcheck in OE is now in french !!, I have gone to "Tools", this confirms it is in french but offers no way of changing to english
Second problem,"Director" on my HP 5500c scanner has disappeared, this is an old problem,I understand, relating to Internet Explorer, HP issued a patch but my computer says no applicable product is installed, however, there is a "work around" which I have now lost, HP "customer services"?? just do not want to know

  birdface 09:35 22 Jan 2010

Try region and language in Control panel.Make sure everything is UK English.
Internet options.General. Languages.In the box it should be English(United Kingdom)(en GB)

  howard64 09:35 22 Jan 2010

have you set the correct area for your pc in regional settings in control panel? The other thing to check is the settings in ms office as oe uses the spell checker in word.

  Sea Urchin 11:32 22 Jan 2010

How to change your OE spell-check back to English

click here

  woodburner 11:45 23 Jan 2010

Many thanks ,all settings seemed ok so have installed "snapfile", great!
Now then how about the HP problem?

  Sea Urchin 12:31 23 Jan 2010

How about this?

click here

  Sea Urchin 12:34 23 Jan 2010

And I think this was the workaround - but you may not need that after my previous link

click here

  woodburner 13:01 23 Jan 2010

You are a genius, Sea Urchin, this is the work around, however I had to finally click "director" in the tray to get programme,I know of the patch but HP tells me this does not apply to anything I have
If you were able to find this info on HP's site howcome HP "Customer Services " ????? were unable to come up with it when I contacted them by email?

  Sea Urchin 13:51 23 Jan 2010

As I understand it HP and Microsoft fell out over this problem, and never reached agreement.

I would apply the patch - it's designed to counteract the problems following a new version of IE rather than the particular HP device. You will notice on my link that it does appear to relate to your scanner (top right).

The worst that can happen is that it wouldn't work. However, if you are happy with the workaround then that's great. I've applied that patch to several systems with various HP printers and scanners - and (here I'm tempting fate) it's always worked. :@)

  Sea Urchin 13:53 23 Jan 2010

And in answer to your final question - I don't know, but when I needed to find out a couple of years ago they couldn't tell me either. :@)

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