Landline Problem

  JRLH 18:41 12 Dec 2007

Hello. I seem to have a problem with my landline that i cannot figure out. My phone will not disconnect when i put it down, e.g if i ring someone and their answer phone comes on, and i do not wish to leave a message, i put the reciever down, pick it up again and their answering phone will still be on the other end. I live in a new house and the main bt socket is one of those which is split in two. I have taken the bottom half off, and when i do this, the phone disconnects, this is the only way to disconnect a call. This obviously isnt right. I have tried various phones, wired and wireless ones, I have taken all of the other phones around the house out, and just used the main socket, I have taken all of the other phones around the house out and used an extension socket, but still the same problem persists.. any ideas?


  johnnyrocker 18:53 12 Dec 2007

ring bt


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:54 12 Dec 2007

Get BT in to fix it you should mess with the master socket yourself.

should be wired like click here

  Fingees 18:54 12 Dec 2007

It's surely down to bt to fix the problem if it's on the master socket.
I would contact them quick, in case you get charged for the time you remain connected

  JRLH 18:57 12 Dec 2007

I've rung bt, I explained what was going on with the line, and they did a line test, which came back as ok. They said everything was fixed. However it is not fixed, I have rung them again and they did another line check. I tried to explain exactely what was wrong with it, but i dont think they understood...

  Graham. 19:24 12 Dec 2007

Take the bottom half off and plug a phone into the socket inside. This will disconnect all extension wiring and connect you directly to the line. It's OK to use a plug-in extension lead.

If the problem is still there, it's BT's pigeon. If OK, there is a fault on the extension wiring or sockets.

  jolorna 21:43 12 Dec 2007

is it only that answer pnone or is it every call, because if the other end doesn't hang up it can hold your line open, i find this a lot with call centres

  JRLH 00:36 13 Dec 2007

Its not just that answer phone, its every call... so i guess its costing a bit if i dont disconnect properly

  Graham. 09:42 13 Dec 2007

Not strictly true. The called party cannot hold your line, with the exception of BT operator calls. Call centres cannot.

  johnnyrocker 09:52 13 Dec 2007

bt has an automatic line clear after 15 mins max.


  jolorna 14:52 13 Dec 2007

you had better tell that to what few call centres
we have ring us up because when i say not intrested goodby and put the phone down next time i pick it up again they are still there and with them not showing a number you cannot report them for the practice, so its just as well like johnnyrocker says otherwise we are stumped

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