LAN setting - still in trouble!

  howerdjay 11:39 07 Feb 2003

Lately I have been finding it impossible to get on to some web sites as I kept getting the message that the site I was trying to use required my browser to accept & support cookies and advising me to adjust my settings. To my amazement when I checked up on the security settings of Internet Options, all the cookie settings were to 'allow', so I couldn't find out how else to get to use those sites. Then one day I was searching around looking at anythying connected to the internet and found the LAN settings on the 'connections tab' of the 'internet options'. When I ticket the box for "automatically detect settings" and un-ticked anything else, I found that I was able to get round the problem that had been annoying me for so long! Sadly though, that setting would not stay set and each time I turn off Internet Explorer it drops out and I have to go through the rigmorol of re-setting it before I can get going again. Please can someone advise me how to get these settings to stay and not have to keep going back to that page to reset. I thank anyone who can help me in advance as in the past when I have had problems such as this someone has always managed to get me out of trouble before very long, so I can only hope for more of the same. Howerd Jay

  jazzypop 11:50 07 Feb 2003

Duplicate posting - see click here

  smcarlsen 11:50 07 Feb 2003

You have the same thread posted twice...You might want to close one of them off

  SEASHANTY 15:32 07 Feb 2003

Its your I.E. "PRIVACY" Settings which are most likely preventing viewing certain web pages.
In your Internet Explorer browser click on "tools", Internet Options, click on the
"Privacy" tab and adjust the slider up or down
and note what it says re blocking cookies. When its set at what you want click on the "Apply" button.

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