LAN network cable unplugged

  Stressedout 23:18 09 Jan 2006

I am a bit of a novice when it comes to computers but can someone help me? I can get on the internet and into yahoo but not on hotmail, or set up broadband on my computer. My LAN connection says that there is a cable unplugged, and also seems to suggest that it may be my firewall that is causing the obstruction. I can't seem to access any sites or connections that require private data!! Any help greatly appreciated

  Minkey1 00:00 10 Jan 2006

Firewalls can prevent some programmes from accessing the internet. Can you give a bit more info ? Which firewall do you have ?

If you've been "unable to set up broadband", how do you get on to the internet ? Do pages actually display ? Do you have another email add which uses, for example, Outlook or Outlook Express ? If so, can you send/receive emails via these other programmes ?

Has your broadband connection been enabled by your ISP ?

Do you use a network, or simply a PC and a modem/router ? If you're not using a network, the LAN connection can be disabled - you won't then get the pair of blue screens with the red cross. This doesn't in itself affect your internet access.

Please give more info and someone will be able to point you in the right direction.


  phono 00:45 10 Jan 2006

If your PC has a LAN connection (Network connection port) that is not connected to a network of some sort then you may well receive this error.

If your Broadband modem is a USB version then you may still receive the "cable unplugged" error message.

Give us some more detail, ISP, connection method, such as USB modem LAN etc.



  Stressedout 19:23 10 Jan 2006

I have ad-adware and ad-watch as the protection programs with windows firewall in place. In reply to the other responses I can get the Internet with my dial up connection and I can e-mail through yahoo. the message says 'network cable unplugged, firewalled'

  Stressedout 19:34 10 Jan 2006

Also I don't know if this helps but we did used to be able to get on the hotmail site and also check things like our bank account details etc. I'm a little worried that it may have been hacked into and someone else could somehow be in charge of the connection, is this possible and how do i check.

  [email protected] 20:05 10 Jan 2006

There is a Trojan which is designed to wreck/play havoc with, internet connections. I had this evil spawn a while back and spent days messing with configurations until it was discovered. I recall it was called Trojan.KillReg32 or something like. It's worth a try to run something like A squared click here just to make sure you are free of it.

  [email protected] 20:06 10 Jan 2006

Just realised you probably will be unable to access the net to download it but have a go anyway..

  [email protected] 20:08 10 Jan 2006

PS Thread 214000

  Stressedout 20:37 11 Jan 2006

I managed to download asquared but still no joy with the connection. Any other ideas? When I try to make a network bridge I get told it is not possible as I need to select at least 2 LAN or high speed connections that are not being used by 'Internet Connection Sharing'. Does this help at all?Might I need to open a port within my firewall so my Local Area Connection will work?

  [email protected] 08:18 12 Jan 2006

:-( This may be worth trying also as a last resort
click here I know from experience that digging into connection configurations can be a nightmare without going carefully and noting each action done so it can be undone. Good luck anyway. This MS forum has helped me in the past but the interface is not very user friendly, not like this one ;-)...
click here
Good luck.

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