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  FTSystem 16:59 03 Feb 2010

Hi everyone i've been asking around alot of forums about a way to access a list of ip address's on my LAN. ive tried using alot of software that is "supposed" to find all computers on your lan however you have to set the target range? which is ridiculous because theyr are millions of possibilities of what an ip address would be. i basically need to stop a guy in my flat from accessing the internet. he's a moron and is somehow sapping all of our connections making it slow as soon as he logs on. he wont tell me how he has done it. its on a private student lan network provided by uwant(bt openworld) i rang the providers and they wont help. they say the connection is limited after 3pm to 1mps because of the 800 people in my building connection after uni. Any help on the IP findings or how to speed this strange connection up would be greatly appreciated. Dave.

  rizlo29 17:15 03 Feb 2010

I don't understand? Do you own the router hub or is it shared? If you own the hub you can configure settings and encrypted and secure the network.

  FTSystem 17:21 03 Feb 2010

no its a huge student accomadation i live in. there are over 800 LAN ports in the building so i have no access to the hub. if i had physical access to the main hub it would be easy but i dont. i need access to it without being there lol. i need someone that knows alot about networking... like the moron i live with .=/

  howard64 17:28 03 Feb 2010

if you look at your own IP address you will see the range that your system is using. The number of possibilities is usually down to 999. You will find that for example you have 192.168.0. [1 to 999] How you will find an individual one I have no idea and even if you identify it how you block it is questionable. I suppose you could cut the cable feeding his room!!!

  FTSystem 17:32 03 Feb 2010

ha yeh all the cabling is in the hallway hidden above the polystyrene celing panels .... good idea lol. get the old cable cutters out ;)

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