LAN Gaming at home

  Maturin 16:05 25 Apr 2006

My kids would like to play some games like Battle for Middle Earth. I have follwoed the instructions concerning virtual servers, and port forwarding for the router (Voyager 2091). I have told the firewall on PC 1 (ZOnealarm) to allow the program to accept all access from PC 2. PC 2 runs NIS 2006 and I think I have done likewise. But...nothing. Can someone help me get the two games talking to each other? File sharing etc is active and works fine. Both machines run WIndows XP Professional SP2


  Xzalander 16:18 25 Apr 2006

From the sounds of it it is a fault within the game not the network.

Do the rest of your games work on network?

If the res of your games work then you might find the fact that because you hve used the ame copy of the game on both macines may be hibiting your ability to network them.

  Maturin 16:26 25 Apr 2006

Thanks for comments. I did get Age of Empires working under simialr conditions then the router/netowrk went down. After resurrecting the network I cannot get AoE to work now too. You may be right about same copy of game contributing to this issue. Is this true for other people at home. It seems somewhat of a con that I cannot use the same copy of a game on two machines which I own an donly use at home.

  Xzalander 16:42 25 Apr 2006

Your router/network crashed???

Hmmm. Unusual. Not all games are susceptible to th one copy business AOE being one of them, i have AOE II running fine on my two machines.

does your router have access to the internet? and are your machines fully using fileshre etc?

  Xzalander 16:48 25 Apr 2006

There is one method, its considered illegal, ut the courts turn a blind eye usually.

No CD patches. They allow you to safely store the games disc nd play without causing possible damage to the original disc. unfortunately pirateers are known to supply these to people with pirate copies of games.

  Xzalander 16:53 25 Apr 2006

My advice at the moment o you is to perform a network 'Re-install', delete your current network connections (avoid the internet one if you have it) and run the Set up a Home Network Wizard on both machines.

Wait in windows until XP confirms connectivity and try again.(Do NOT allow the games firewall bypass at this point)

If the games are networking properly the firewall should popup saying 'can i play?' :)

when it does then allow access.

if it still doesnt work, try networking the two machines withoutthe router (unless you really need it.)
This method is called Peer to Peer, and almost ALWAYS works.

  Maturin 17:11 25 Apr 2006

Thanks for the tips. I shall try these out at the weekend and come back if I am still having trouble.

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