Allan RISC OS user 16:51 15 Oct 2003

I am attempting to link my 2 comuter via a cross over lead. I appear to have set up the net work on my PC running Windows Me, but I am unable to Ping the other computer or see it on the first PCs Network window.
When I attempt to ping the second computer I get this message :- The system has detected a conflict for IP address with the system having hardware address 00:01:3D:56:DC:03, The interface has been disabled, This will also happen if the other computer is on and I then boot the first.
I have checked and re checked the settings but can see nothing wrong with the first computer.

The second computer is a RISC PC running Risc 0s 3.7, and I am able to ping the first computer, using ip address, with 100% ping success.

I have give the computers the following ip addresses.
Windows,, with net mask of, and named it "AMDPC"

On the Risc PC I have the Gateway set to which refers to the Windows PC.

Can any one help and Windows/RiscOS user.

  recap 17:52 15 Oct 2003

Each IP address should be unique:, and no Gateway. Make sure that the workgroup name is the same an both computers and that both computers have a different name.

  recap 16:59 18 Oct 2003

I see you have green ticked the thread Allan RISC OS user, I take it that you have resolved the problem. I am sorry that I have a typo in my reply, the IP address should read &, I hope this did not confuse you?

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