LAN card woes after synching PC with SmartPhone

  xn85 13:42 23 Dec 2007

Hi, I have a home network comprising of both wired and wireless connections. My main PC features a removable HDD caddy and I swap between WinXP Pro SP2 and Vista Business.

Yesterday I received my new Smartphone and, after I attempted to sync using USB, I noticed that my PC no longer had network access. It showed as being connected, but having 'Limited or no connectivity'.

I have tried rebooting the PC, swapping HDDs, swapping ethernet cables, re-installing drivers and protocols and assigning a fixed IP address, all with no avail. I have other PCs on the network which work without problem - both wired or wirelessly.

I've noticed that the LAN card has defaulted to a 169.x.x.x IP address. I've also pinged the card using, which came back fine. However I am unable to ping the Router. The results have been the same on both Vista and WinXP.

As it is an onboard LAN, I have not tried a replacement card yet. However, when I installed a spare USB wireless dongle, my LAN card obtained a (valid) IP address and connected to the Router. It would only send packets, though - none were received.

Any suggestions as to what else I could try on a Sunday with my local PC shops closed?


  ambra4 14:22 23 Dec 2007

Power off the router and check that PC setting is set to get IP address automatically

Click-Start-Settings-Network Connection

Double-click on the “Network Connection”

Left-click on the “Local Area Connection” associated with your network adapter

Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.

In the “Local Area Connection Properties” window all boxes should be ticked

At bottom of display tick the box “Show Icon in Notification Area When Connected

A display Icon will appear in the task bar when you have finish the setup

Click-Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Click the “Properties” button

Select “Obtain an IP address automatically

Select “Obtain DNS server address automatically”

Click- Advanced

Click-WINS Tab-Tick-Enable LMHOSTS Lookup if untick

Do Not Change Any Other Setting

Click “OK”.

Your network card is now configured for use with the Modem/Router

Power on router and reboot the PC

  ambra4 14:24 23 Dec 2007

You can also check this site

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