Lan Cablenet does'nt work in night

  FaisalUsmani 11:12 28 Oct 2003

Its a wierd problem. My "Lan cable operator is also wondering whats that.
PROBLEM : In night after 8 sometimes 9pm I can't access any computer on network. Even those who are connected through my switch . There was another problem some days before that We all (4 clients) couldn't get connected to server. It was not a wierd problem. But now its wierd that whenever night comes my computer gets dc from the over all network. And all the users access net even those who are connected to my switch . When I ping to any computer it gives request timeout all the time.. But sometimes it gives little responce after 10 or 5 timeout. Which gets worse after time to time.

What cablenet operator did : He changed the connector from the switch (COLOR CODES) and changed the connector from my pc side.
Whenever i ping server or any other user it gives Request timeout most of the time.. Sometimes it gives reply back .. once after 10 or 5 request timeout. But after some time it gets more worse...
* I am far away from switch , but from 1 year my cablenet is working fine. (its not actually the typical cablenet its just a net sharing)

Result : Still nothing happend.

My suggestion: 1st Change the Switch . 2nd Change the Cable.

REQUEST : Please tell me whats the problem exectly I am sick n tired now

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