chaztait 21:43 13 Feb 2005

Hi i have been trying for ages to get my 3 computers sharing files with one another. i have 2 desktop PCs and a Laptop, the main PC has broadband and i have established connection with the other to computers with a network bridge so the both go on the internet alright. But for some reason when i shared the D: on the main computer it never shows up on any of the other computers but if i share the D: with the second Desktop Computer it comes up, but if i do the same with the Laptop then the main computer cant see it.. i have done this before i just dont know were i have gone wrong and also i use to be able to share the printer but that aint showing up either on the network. the are all on the same network group so i really dont see were this complication is.

Can canyone help?



  LeadingMNMs 22:13 13 Feb 2005

The first port of call is probably to check that any firewalls that you are using are not blocking the network traffic and configure them to allow it if they are.

  chaztait 00:46 14 Feb 2005

Ok i have got a little further i can now see my Laptop D: on my Main Computer and same with the second computer but i can seem to get my main computer's D: and Printer to show up on any of the other computers. I right click on the D: and go to properties the sharing and then tick the two boxes to share it but with the other computers when i click share it says if you understand the risks or something then click here or something lkike that then i click another link and a wizard comes up and does it for me, and thats what i have been trying to find on the main computer.

Anyone know how to get this wizard or how to get my network working 100%



  LeadingMNMs 09:04 14 Feb 2005

If your using XP then all you should need to do is go into the properties of the D drive. Then click the Sharing tab, and click the 'If you understand the risk but still want to share the root of the drive, click here.' link.

Now put a tick in the box for 'Share this folder on the network' and rename it if required. Now apply the settings.

When you type "\\ComputerName" then you should see a list of all the shared areas on the computer, and any shared printers. Obviously the 'ComputerName' part needs to be replaced with the name that you gave to the computer when setting up the network.

  chaztait 11:02 14 Feb 2005

were abouts do you type \\ComputerName?

  LeadingMNMs 11:06 14 Feb 2005

Sorry, forgot to mention. Type it in the Internet Explorer address bar, or anything thats based on it such as My Computer, My Network Places etc.

  chaztait 11:10 14 Feb 2005

right ok done that my D: drive came up but if it type this computers name inot the second computer nothing happens. So sorry that never helped i dont think

  chaztait 11:19 14 Feb 2005

i dont get what it is that is going wrong with this and i ma betting it is something simple!


  LeadingMNMs 11:31 14 Feb 2005

OK, back to the start then. Can you clarify what your network setup is ? I assume that you've got 3 computers connected together through a hub / switch and they all share the Internet Connection of the main PC that has a USB modem. Do they all still connect to the Internet ? Wired / Wirless ?

Open a command prompt on all computers and type "netview" this will display a list of all computers that can be seen on the network. Make a not of which computers can and cannot see each other.

  chaztait 11:36 14 Feb 2005

I dont have any hubs all i have is 2 network cards and my broadband is connected using ethernet. So the broadband is shared with a network bridge (other 2 computers) and are all using wires.

right ok i tried netview but nothing happend i am asuming that you are talking about the workgroup and they all come up.

  LeadingMNMs 11:39 14 Feb 2005

sorry the command was "net view" rather than 'netview'

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