Laminator Hot or Cold,which is best?

  premier man 10:13 07 Jan 2006

I am thinking of buying a Laminator for Photos and General household jobs up to A4 size.
not sure whether to go for Hot or Cold,
Can anyone enlighten me which is best to go for,your thoughts appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:24 07 Jan 2006

I've not heard of a cold one - the one I use does plastic hot but also has the option to do foil which is on a warm setting.

  spuds 11:47 07 Jan 2006

Like iarno, I also have hot and cold laminator which as never had the cold side tested, perhaps this reminder is a good time to investigate!.

One word of advice, be selective on the sleeves, as these can work out expensive on the way that you purchase.

  premier man 12:01 07 Jan 2006

Thanks Guys for your quick responses,
I was looking at the Leitz CS9E which is a cold seal using rolled sleeving,
thought this might be more econical!
but was wondering if it is better using Cold Seal?rather than Hot

  premier man 12:03 07 Jan 2006

have anyone tried both for a comparision

  wee eddie 12:19 07 Jan 2006


However the cost per page drops hugely, if you start buying by the 100 or Ream.

  premier man 12:23 07 Jan 2006

when you say be selective on the sleeves is there something I should avoid,or do you mean buy in bulk??

  spuds 12:52 07 Jan 2006

Buy in bulk, if you can find a good supplier. You can get 'starter' packs and the like from Asda, WH Smith or small retail outlets, but pricewise they can make a big dent in the budget.Cheaper by the 100 or 1000+, depending on your requirements.

Another couple of words of advice. (1)Don't try using an ordinary poly type bag, others have tried this without success :o)(2)Check the sealing times,some models are slightly faster than others. Again speeds, would depend on your actual requirement and usage, and in the budget range of laminaters there will be very little difference.

  wee eddie 16:30 07 Jan 2006

Have you thought of Viking Direct

  premier man 16:44 07 Jan 2006

Thanks Guys I am overwhelmed with the excellent advice you have given me,
it looks as if the hot laminator seems to be favourite,so that is what I shall go for,
One last question if I buy A4 size pouches can I cut them to various sizes as required,
does this make sense?

  premier man 17:04 07 Jan 2006

Thanks very much to you all for taking time to answer my question,I really do appreciate your help and advice,
I did not have a clue about laminating,but I have the gist of it now,
many thanks

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