Laminating Photos - Please Advise

  Solartopi 20:25 27 Dec 2007

Hi Folks,

Yes, it me again.Sorry!!! One problem solved another begins.

I'm laminating photos but I don't think I'm doing it right. I may be using the wrong temperature. The pictures are smooth but around it the pouch is a bit puffed.

Can anyone please tell me what temperature I should be using to Laminate Photos.

Thanks once again


  skidzy 20:33 27 Dec 2007

Not a lot of help Solartopi but my laminator only has two settings Hot or Cold...i just use the hot.

Its only a cheapy from Argos and its been brilliant,only ever had one minor hiccup.

So for me it HOT,but do a dummy run first.Do not use the original photo from the off.
I would suggest you save a copy first before any laminating.

  Solartopi 20:51 27 Dec 2007

Hi skidzy,

Thanks very much for your prompt reply. I've just got this Texet laminator for Christmas. I've never heard of this brand before. sssshhhh ... don't let my wife hear this. :-))).

I'll continue with Hot. I'm laminating some very old Black & White photos.



  skidzy 20:54 27 Dec 2007

What i would do and have done;

If you have a scanner,scan the pics first,print them out on decent paper and use these as a dummy run...hence do NOT use the originals from the off.

I done this once and it got caught in the feed and ruin the original pic...and just aint it backup of the pic !!!

This will not happen again though.

  Solartopi 21:36 27 Dec 2007

Yea, thanks for the idea. I have scanned-in about 400 photos. Oh, scanning in does take some time. But I have never thought of printing a Dummy for a trial. So far I've been lucky. Nothing like the Originals, old but treasures.

These old B&W snaps are a funny size so I've tried laminating them in A5 and will have to trim them to size.

They do come out a bit Hot to the touch.


  Taff™ 22:20 27 Dec 2007

I`m going with skidzy on this one. Try taking your original photos and leave them to dry out at ambient temperature for 24 hours before you laminate OR scan them.

When you put anything in one of those pouches, do it on a flat surface & smooth it with a dry glove/tea towel/cloth. If you are laminating an original photograph you are basically heating up the original paper (with moisture) and inherrent chemicals under heat and it will react, so don`t do it! Scan first.

  BRYNIT 22:26 27 Dec 2007

I could be wrong but it could be a reaction of the heat against the old photos.

After scanning the photos you could print and laminate the copies storing the originals in a safe place.

  MCE2K5 22:43 27 Dec 2007

"The pictures are smooth but around it the pouch is a bit puffed": This is what I do, Get a very thin sewing needle, Gently prick the puffed bit, Put it back through the Laminator. With the Money you had left at Christmas (Sorry FE), Buy a Roller Guillotine and trim the Edges.

Happy New Year.

  Solartopi 14:38 28 Dec 2007

Taff™, BRYNIT, MCE2K5,

Thanks a bunch for all your advise & help. I will print the Scanned Copies & Laminate those first & see how it goes. At least the originals will be safe till I can master the Laminating process.


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