The lame helping the blind....more help needed

  Grandad99 12:49 23 Sep 2012

I've had a PC for some 10 years and have acquired a basic knowledge but use a local computer specialist for more technical things like setting up wi-fi to replace a cable modem.

An equally elderly computerless friend has decided that in order to live a full life he must enter the world of computers and has asked me for help. He has a good grasp of the specification features and will buy a suitable desktop one from the local PC World so that in the event of a problem he can return it easily.

My help is to be with setting it up and before doing so I would appreciate some advice as I've totally forgotten what I did 10 years ago.

How is the initial connection to the internet established? Is it necessary to first register with an ISP and if so how do you do it without the internet?

I've looked at the Microsoft instructions and got lost following the maze of links. Is there a website that lists the basic setting up procedure more clearly?

  rdave13 13:12 23 Sep 2012

Here's a list of ISPs. Clicking on one gives the telephone number to have a talk about setup and prices. Click here. Usually you can get the router free from these ISPs (usually needs a 12 to 18 months contract) and they give full details how to set up the connection.

  KRONOS the First 13:16 23 Sep 2012

Just contact via the phone an ISP of your choice and they will walk you through the procedure. Remember they want your business so do not be afraid to ask what you might feel are silly questions as there is no such thing.

As long as your friend has A BT phone line then I can get most of the providers, if he chooses Virgin or Sky that is cable so a little different.

But whoever he selects they will normally supply the needed router and will walk you through setup once broadband is connected.

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