Lagging whilst online gaming on my PC

  ToddlerKicker 16:35 18 Jul 2018

Hi. A few months ago we got fibre, and it's been great on all my other devices. However my PC (even though it says it's at 37Mbps) is literally unplayable when it comes to online gaming. It came with an wireless USB adapter, which was cheap and became useless in a month or so, so I then bought a TP-Link one (I'll link it down below). I don't understand why I'm not lagging (maybe occasionally) on my PS4 but I am on my PC. I just booted up CS:GO and waited 5 minutes to get into a competetive game (which is the norm for me), and as soon as I got in I was teleporting and flying all over the place. I literally did an internet test as this was happening (on multiple websites) and it said it was 37Mbps. No one else was using the WiFi. I play Fortnite without any issues on my PS4, but on PC I'll be at a consistent 250 ping, occasionally going up to 1000 ping. I hope you can help as this has now been happening for a couple of months and I'm sick to death of it. Thanks.

TP-Link: click here

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