Lagging and Logging Out of Internet Gaming

  NoviceMum 18:25 01 Jul 2013

I am hoping that someone will be able to advise me so that I can stop the constant arguing at home. I have two sons who both use their XBox's online and are constantly complaining about our internet connection cutting out on them and throwing them out of games. We are in a village and there is no option of fibre optic broadband unfortunately if this would be the answer. As well as the XBox's we also have a computer, laptop, phone, ipod and tablet all trying to run off the WiFi and get internet connection. Is this the problem - too many things trying to all connect at same time? The last router we had was a Belkin G Wireless Router and it broke this weekend but before I go and buy another one I wondered whether anyone could advise me of a make that I could buy which would solve these constant problems. Or is it that the router wouldn't cause these problems? I am a total novice with Computer Technology so this might seem a basic ridiculous question but any advice anyone can give would be much appreciated. Many thanks. Frazzled Mum

  Chronos the 2nd 05:14 02 Jul 2013

Quite simply you have far to many gadgets trying to connect to the internet at once. You will need to limit connections at the same time. Certainly get a decent router as this will help, hopefully in the future speed and will improve to rural locations.

Your sons will need to understand that for the time being they will not be able to hog your broadband connection with gaming whilst others need it for other reasons. But surely you do not need every gadget connected or rather using the internet all the time.

  NoviceMum 19:35 03 Jul 2013

Thank you for this. It is what I had wondered but I needed someone to confirm this. It certainly means that I can let them know that they have noone to blame but themselves as they have too many things all switched on at the same time. Is there a gaming/good router that you could recommend?

  Chronos the 2nd 19:39 03 Jul 2013

I use a Netgear DGN 2200V3. I have had Netgear routers most of the time as they seem to be very reliable and simple to set up.

  mrwoowoo 03:15 05 Jul 2013

I think you could improve their on line gaming if you can hard wire their x boxes to your router. I do realise that it may be impractical, but may help if possible.

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