'Lag' problem PLz Help!

  Jayjam 09:44 25 Aug 2003

I have a problem with lag on my computer. If iam just doing nothing with my computer the cpu usage skips from about 4% to 55% for no reason then goes back down to about 10%. I have only 256mb of memory for a pc that runs win xp home edition. Is this the problem? This lag also affects me when i play games online. I have 512mb broadband that produces a great ping but i still get lag because of this cpu usage problem. Can someone please help me beacuse i have no idea whats going wrong!


The JacKaL

  geezer13 09:47 25 Aug 2003

I would suggest having a close look at what processes are occouring in task manager. It may be that you have a virus or some applications are continuously running in the backround.

You could also update your drivers at click here as it could be a gfx card issue.

  DieSse 09:49 25 Aug 2003

The CPU useage going up and down is nothing in itself - Windows has lots of things it goes off and does on it's own, from time to time.

So what exactly is the lag problem? - you mean it's slow to do some things? - all things? - how slow and what exactly?

  DieSse 09:50 25 Aug 2003

It always pays to run a Disk Cleanup from time to time, as your system becomes clogged up with temporary files.

  jazzypop 09:54 25 Aug 2003

Similar to geezer13's suggestion - press ctrl-alt-del to bring up the Task Manager, click the Processes tab, then click the word 'CPU'. This will sort the processes by CPU usage, highest first (if a process with '0' is listed at the top of the list, click the CPU header again to re-sort the list).

Ignore the System Idle Process - this will be running a series of background tasks only when no other process is running, and will properly show 90%+ CPU usage.

You will need to observe the Task Manager for a while, and make a note of which processes use unusually high amounts of CPU time.

  Jayjam 09:54 25 Aug 2003

Well when i move the mouse every now and then it will freeze for a second then carry on normally. When i play games i get a frame rate of about 55-60 but when it lags the frame rates go as low as 6 frames per second!

  Jayjam 10:00 25 Aug 2003

I have found a program called GMT.exe it is using up 10,000K. Is that unusual

  geezer13 10:03 25 Aug 2003

Do you get the same frame rate problem whilst playing "offline"? As this problem could well be a connection or server issue?

  DieSse 10:22 25 Aug 2003

GMT is a component oart of Gator - which is generally classed as spyware - and on-line slow downs could be caused by spyware " talking to home"

Download and run Adaware click here and/or Spybot click here - these will clean this and other spyware off the system

  Jayjam 11:57 25 Aug 2003

Do you get the same frame rate problem whilst playing "offline"? As this problem could well be a connection or server issue?

Yes geezer i have the same problem playing single player (offline). What do you think is up?

  WaiKent 11:59 25 Aug 2003

512MB wow, where do you get such a fast connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol just pointing out your mistake.

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