Lack of space on recovery D drive.

  Drum 12:51 12 Jul 2008

I've got Windows XP OS on my computer which was supplied without any system disk.

Instead, for backup of the OS I've got a recovery partition on the D. drive which amounts to only 4.6 GB. The trouble is 4.2 GB of it is already used leaving only around 200 MB of free space. I constantly get warnings that I am running out of space on my D. drive, particularly if I'm using programs like Photoshop, but I don't know how to increase the partition size without formatting the complete drive in which case I lose my OS, or make space by deleting something.

All the files on the drive appear to be locked or protected, and the only one I can open to explore is a temp folder which has seven large files containing between 40 and 200 MB. These are named like ~PST5967.tmp The date of some of these files goes back to 2004.
My question is, can I delete or move some of these safely?

  [DELETED] 14:18 13 Jul 2008

one more thing dont be afrid of downlaoding sotware onto the memory stick, get something like 8gb or higher try click here they do upto 16gb i think or try a kingston 4gb from click here

  woodchip 16:13 13 Jul 2008

Have you deleted the temp files on D? as you do not need ant Temps on C or D When Computer as done what its doing it should clean up after its self. This shows bad Programing by some body

  Drum 11:16 14 Jul 2008

Thanks for the input everyone. I've got lots of spare capacity on my C. drive which is 180 GB in total, 140 GB of which is available. The D recovery partition is 4.6 GB in total, but only 220 MB of which is free. I've got quite a few USB flash drives and a 60 GB external hard drive which I use for backups, so it's the D partition size that's the problem.

In the meantime I've removed some of the temp files from the D drive to separate external storage, and this has instantly made more space.
I won't really know if this is the answer though, because it's only if and when I lose my OS that I'll need the recovery partition, and only then will I find out whether it's working okay or not.

I had a feeling that there was some software that could re-create a partition on the fly as it were, without deleting anything, but don't know what this is?

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