Lack of space on HD

  amonra 14:33 24 Dec 2008

My two grand-daughters have come down from uni for the Xmas holidays, both with laptop problems.
The one I think I can can sort out with a memory upgrade, but the other, I dont know where to start!
It's a Lenovo 8922 with a 33GB(?) HD and the System (XP) keeps telling her there is no more room on the HD for installing anything else.
I've done a brief check on what files have got what on them, but the biggest I can find are around 400MB each, totalling 5GB max. Adding everything up that still leave a HUGE amount of space unaccounted for. Can someone please point me in the right direction for locating these vast unknown files ?
PS Merry Xmas all.............

  Belatucadrus 18:19 24 Dec 2008

If you're still having problems installing software then try this click here it's a stand alone program that doesn't have an installation routine, so can be run from a USB stick.

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