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Lack of space on HD

  amonra 14:33 24 Dec 2008

My two grand-daughters have come down from uni for the Xmas holidays, both with laptop problems.
The one I think I can can sort out with a memory upgrade, but the other, I dont know where to start!
It's a Lenovo 8922 with a 33GB(?) HD and the System (XP) keeps telling her there is no more room on the HD for installing anything else.
I've done a brief check on what files have got what on them, but the biggest I can find are around 400MB each, totalling 5GB max. Adding everything up that still leave a HUGE amount of space unaccounted for. Can someone please point me in the right direction for locating these vast unknown files ?
PS Merry Xmas all.............

  Technotiger 14:43 24 Dec 2008

It sounds like a 40Gb Drive, it is quite normal not to actually 'see' all 40Gb some of which is used by the System.

Hover the mouse cursor over the drive's icon in My Computer then tell us what you see - it should show Amount Used and Amount Free.

  Technotiger 14:55 24 Dec 2008

Also, right-click on the drive's icon and then on Properties, see whether it is formatted FAT32 or NTFS.

  Clapton is God 15:25 24 Dec 2008

It's amazing how much space you can gain by turning off System Restore.

You'll lose all your restore points but another one will be created when you turn it back on.

My younger daughter came home from Uni with her laptop and by turning System Restore off I immediately gained 13GB for her.

  amonra 16:19 24 Dec 2008

Thanks for all your input,

Technotiger---It is a 40G disc using NFTS, with Amount Used-34.4Gb Free space 768 Mb

You can see now why I am puzzling where the heck has it all gone ?

Belatuctarus----- I cant instal anything more, the damn thing says Full Up !!!

Clapton --- I'll do that, but 13 MB is a drop in the ocean.

All replies gratefully received.

  Technotiger 16:31 24 Dec 2008

Looks as if you will need to un-install some of the items on the drive. Is there any Video Clips or similar which could be removed - video and photos can take up a lot of room. How much course work etc?

  amonra 16:43 24 Dec 2008

I have managed to instal the Windirstat program and I can now see two vast files of about 9Gb so I think a bit of uninstalling is called for.
If uninstalling is a no-no, how can I fit a new bigger HD and transfer everything across ?
I'm OK with desktops but never played much with laptops. Thanks again..............

  Technotiger 16:46 24 Dec 2008

Best way is to use a external Hard drive or one in an Enclosure, which will connect via USB.

  Clapton is God 17:53 24 Dec 2008

"Clapton --- I'll do that, but 13 MB is a drop in the ocean"

Read my post again.

I said 13GB NOT 13MB

13GB on a 40GB HD is hardly a drop in the ocean

  amonra 18:16 24 Dec 2008

Sorry Clapton, the old christmas juice is going to my brain ! New year's resolution, "I must take smaller tots"..............
I think I will order an external caddy after xmas and transfer everything across as suggested by Technotiger,
Thank you all for your pre xmas advice, have a good one and enjoy yourselves. This household is filled with snivelling barking cold sufferers who will go home after the holiday and leave us their germs. Merry Xmas.........

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