Lack of space on C drive

  Charlemagne 16:11 20 Nov 2005

Hi, I am back with the same problem I reported on 12/08/05. My C drive is running out of space.
It was down to 30 Mb but now stands at 77.7 Mb. Last time I reported this problem I was advised to run Ccleaner. This I did with good results but now it is not having much effect. I have moved most of my programs to D drive and have run out of ideas. Any suggestions please.
My computer is a Pentium 2 running Windows 98. I have two hard drives 6Mb and 40Mb. Drive D is on the 40 Mb and C,E on the 6 Mb. I have two memory slots - 64 on one and 256 on the other.

  Devil Fish 16:28 20 Nov 2005

i hope we are talking gig and not mb for the drives

the only solutions i can think of

1 take off what you can and put it on external media (Note You wont be able to run progs from this ) or

2 have a good clear out you may have to be ruthless


3 purchase a larger Hard Drive

  Diemmess 17:09 20 Nov 2005

Only suggestions to ponder .........

Time to bite the bullet and change the primary HD for a larger, one probably 40Gb will be the smallest you can buy.

Transfer with suitable clone software the entire contents of the existing Primary HD to the new HD.
Unless you partition the new HD first, as you restore your second partition (E?) you will wipe off the first (C:) It must be tucked up safely in its own partition (drive C:)
Restoration always wipes the whole of the target partition/drive.

I imagine the reason for two partitions on the primary goes back a long way.
Either you preserve things as they are, the way I suggested, or you have another bite at the bullet - do a clean install of Windows on the new HD. Followed by hours and hours of re-installing all motherboard drivers, peripherals, plus all your applications and small modifications. .....

..... Assuming that you do mean 6Gb (tiny these days) and are sure of which partition is which and where!

Your RAM should be ample by the way :-)

  matto 06:32 21 Nov 2005

bite the bullet.

at the very least by a third external hard-drive and place all your media files (if any) on that. You can also put your paging file (??) on the external drive too.

I paid under £100 for my 120gb external drive.

Even better, just upgrade you hardrive. Life will be easier.


  Charlemagne 15:34 21 Nov 2005

Thank you for your advice. I am considering another option. Moving contents of my 40Gb (D:) to (E:). This would leave me a clean disc on which to load XP Home Edition. There is a pctechguide on the subject which I shall study. Anybody with any advice on the feasibility or dangers of doing this. Should I change the lettering of my present partitions.

  Charlemagne 15:25 23 Nov 2005

I have successfully created space on (C:) by moving files onto CD,and moving them back if anything did not work. Thanks Devil Fish and others.

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