lack of memory to run scandisk

  robhawk 14:35 05 Mar 2007

I have an 80Gb Windows 98 SE machine for video editing. It has very little software on it other than Adobe Premiere. The drive is partitioned 20Gb and 60Gb.
I have tried to Scandisk the smaller drive but it doesn't work reporting "could not continue because the computer does not have enough memory".
The bigger drive is 75% full with video data but the smaller drive is much less full.
Can anyone advise how I can deal with this. My aim is to get the machine running properly so that I can sort out the data files.

  alan2273 14:41 05 Mar 2007
  recap 14:44 05 Mar 2007

1. Apply one recommendation at a time and then try Scandisk again to see if it helped.

2. Disable the screensaver and anti virus program and unplug the cable/DSL modem (if any).

3. Delete the files in the Recycle Bin, the browser cache (Temporary Internet Files folder if using MSIE) and the Temp, History and Recent folders. Corrupt files can cause scandisk problems.

Windows 98; to run scandisk from Windows, follow the below steps.

Click Start
Click Run and type scandisk in the run box
Click ok
Within the scandisk window select the drive that you wish to be checked.
Choose the option between standard and thorough. It is recommended you run standard first, if you encounter issues with scandisk then run the thorough scan.
Finally, click start to begin scandisk.

  zarobian 14:50 05 Mar 2007

Start computer in safe mode and then run scandisk.

  Diemmess 14:54 05 Mar 2007

The first thing, needs a reboot to be effective so do it first ---
Start > Run > (type in) msconfig and at the Startup tab, un-tick everything that doesn't need to run. In W98 only about 2 things need run, but I can't remember which.
Leave the top 4 or 5 on the list, and un-tick the rest.

Make sure that nothing is running in the background.

That includes Internet and any AV or firewall

Run CCleaner if you have it or download this freebie

Disable any screensaver.

That should do it easily and help speed things up afterwards.

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