Lack of memory

  Klodshans 13:52 07 Oct 2005

Received a message from AOL while on line, stating that the PC was low on memory. The PC has a RAM memory of 256 MB, but when looking at the system resources, it stated available physical memory was only 34.54 MB. Nothing was running except AOL and the Firewall/Antivirus software. Any ideas?

  bremner 14:06 07 Oct 2005

You do not say what o/s you are running or whether yor graphics are on board or a sperate add in card.

If you have XP and on board graphics then 256MB really isn't enough memory. 512MB is recommended.

  SOREBLADE 15:04 07 Oct 2005

As BREMMER said onboard graphics needs about 512MB of RAM as I have on board and set it to 128MB for graphics 256mb isn't enough but now with 512mb SUPER! The only thing is of course you lose ram but 512mb is enoughfor that.

  malgall 15:17 07 Oct 2005

if you do not have a seperate grahics card installed which would have its own memory
then your graphics is on motherboard and is sharing your 256mb with windows

i would recommend 512mb as a min for windows

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