karl1483 22:01 25 Jun 2007

Here goes and i apologise if i am just being thick.

i have just got a lacie 250gb ethernet NAS which i wish to use with my Macbook and my girlfriends pc. i have set up the drive with no problems at all on the Mac and everyting works great it is the pc that is the problem.

The NAS drive is connected to my safecom swamru-54108 wireless adsl modem and router via and ethernet cable.

I am using win xp home edition with sp2, and i have used the disk to set up the drive that came with it.
i followed the instructions and everything was ok. initially the drive appears in my network places, both in the local network and the internet is this right.

i then have to enter a username and password before i can access the contents of the drive, however, everytime i turn off the computer and then on agian i have to re-run the ip config software before computer will recognise the drive, this seems very long winded. is there anyway to make the pc connect to the NAS without me having to do it.

i am a bit of a network virgin and maybe a little pampered being a Mac user where most things are very simple to set up, but i am getting extreamly frustrated at having to go all around the house s to set up this drive especially as the software that comes with it say i should not have to do this and i only need to run it once.

what i would like to do is completely start over again setting up this drive but i cant seem to remove the mapped drive from "my computer" or from my network connections.
also i cant seem t work out how to set the drive so it can be shared.

i am sorry if this is confusing all i want to do is have the NAS drive accessable without it taking 10 minutes to run all the software again, i think i must be doing something wrong in setting up everything any advice would be greatly appreciated.

cheers karl

  fitshase 17:37 26 Jun 2007

Not sure about the drive but to remove it as a mapped drive, click with the right mouse button on the mapped drive and select disconnect.

Good luck with sorting it.

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