Labels in IE7

  phil.smith 11:49 12 Dec 2006

How can I turn off the labels that appear everytime my cursor goes over a button please?


  rawprawn 13:23 12 Dec 2006

are you talking about the lables that appear on this site? if so you can't stop them. I know they are annoying, but they help keep the site free of charge.

  phil.smith 13:50 12 Dec 2006

No rawprawn

When my cursor moves over eg the Google button a yellow box appears saying "Go to Google Home page" or on the Bookmarks it says "Sign in to access your Google Bookmarks"

Can I stop these messages appearing?


  phil.smith 14:15 13 Dec 2006


  anskyber 14:20 13 Dec 2006

Use Tweak UI click here From general uncheck enable tooltips.

  phil.smith 14:33 13 Dec 2006

Hi anskyber

Thanks for that but no joy unfortunately.


  anskyber 14:48 13 Dec 2006

Hmm, it usually works but not always for everyone. The only other solution I am aware of come as various registry fixs which I am reluctant to suggest given I have not used them personally.

You may want to have a look here for yourself.

click here

Did you reboot after using Tweak UI, it sometimes is needed. Good luck.

  phil.smith 15:13 13 Dec 2006

I rebooted but to no avail. I have checked out the sites suggested but looks like I'll just have to get on with it as it is!!

Thanks again


  phil.smith 14:20 21 Dec 2006


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