Labelling columns in Excel

  graham√ 10:34 15 Jun 2003

I have used row 1 to label columns, but naturally they scroll up with the contents. Is there a way to keep them on top, or is there another way to label columns?

  graham√ 10:40 15 Jun 2003

I knew there would be an easy way! Thanks, VoG®.

  graham√ 10:51 15 Jun 2003

I have to do that every time I open the sheet, right? Or can I save the setting?

  graham√ 11:12 15 Jun 2003

I've tried 'save as', and 'save workspace', but if I close Excel and then re-open the worksheet the 'freeze panes' has gone.

  graham√ 12:18 15 Jun 2003

Thanks for trying. It's no problem to freeze the panes each time, the cat gets impatient to see her weight!

  wee eddie 13:52 15 Jun 2003

Is the Excel file stored else where, on a server perhaps.

Something like that would have the effect of storing your workings but not any changes to the worksheets settings

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