Labeling cables inside PC

  Demora 17:02 05 Feb 2005


I discovered yesterday that if I connect one of the powercables to the dvd Rom and re boot the pc the text on boot up is purple. Swapping this for one of the other cables and the text is fine all white. Now would you recommend putting labels on these cables and IDE etc so as I or anyone wandering around the innards of the pc knows what goes where for speed if Nothing else.

If so which labels would be the right ones. Don't want a fire hazzard.

  ACOLYTE 17:05 05 Feb 2005

You should see inside my PC looks like spaghetti junction,lol would need lots of labels.

  mattyc_92 17:10 05 Feb 2005

I don't think that labels are the way to go... Why don't you create some sort of "map" or take some photos of the inside and save them onto a CD-R (or printing them would be the best option) for furture reference

  Demora 17:21 05 Feb 2005

See through the spaghetti with digitalcamera good idea. but I thought a tag on the ables would be faster than looking at a map

  mattyc_92 17:27 05 Feb 2005

Yes, but the labels could, as you suggested, create a fire or carry a "static sharge" which may not be strong enough for you to feel but way strong enough to damage your hardware....

  €dstowe 18:05 05 Feb 2005

The IDE cables in my machines are, indeed, labelled by the supplier of the motherboard (Asus in most cases) at the motherboard end, the master end and the slave in between.

The other cables are fitted with different plugs which fit in their respective sockets such that it shouldn't make any difference whether which Molex plug goes here, there or anywhere. Fan cables may be a little different but, they are of a standard fitting and provided they are not attached to a set of jumpers (which I have heard of), should work wherever they are placed but, usually, it is fairly obvious.

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