Label template - hw do I remove black lines?

  Trenny 19:19 07 Sep 2012

I have downloaded a Label template into my m/s word program. It has black lines around each label which do not align properly so that some of them show when the labels are printed. I managed to remove them from ONE label, but can't remember how, although I thought that it was one of the 'right-click' options.

Is there any way by which I can remove them ALL at once? The A4 page has four labels across and seven rows down. I don't know the Avery code.

  lotvic 19:39 07 Sep 2012

Sounds like they all have 'borders' Select all the cells/the whole page and then in Borders select 'none'

  Trenny 22:17 07 Sep 2012

Yes, each label apppears to be treated as a single page. I cannot see how to select the whole 'document' (ie the A4 page). Ctl+ A doesn't work. And trying to select the whole page doesn't work - just one label is selected.

Alternatively, I have put the cursor in one of the labels and gone to Layout>page borderr and tried various optins from 'none' to making the border white, but the line around the single label remains!! Very odd. And yet i did something similar to just one label earlier and the border disappeared!

  lotvic 01:22 08 Sep 2012

It's not a page border. The borders are round the table cells.

Crl+A should work for selecting all the cells. I've just done that but in Word 2003 and I seem to remember you have Word 2007?

I'll put other pc on in morning, (that has Word 2007) and see where the border setting (for label cell) is on the ribbon.

  catpwss 08:52 08 Sep 2012

Does this help in any way? Here.....

  lotvic 11:44 08 Sep 2012

Put cursor in a label. Press Ctrl+A to select (the contents of) all cells.

On the Ribbon, 'Home tab, in 'Paragraph' section there is an icon that looks like a grid (4 squares) it has a down arrowhead menu, click on it and you can choose the 'No Border'

I am sure there are other ways to access this item, the above is just one way to do it :)

  lotvic 11:57 08 Sep 2012

Another way is: Ribbon, 'Page Layout' tab, 'Page Borders' and in popup 'Borders' tab, under 'Setting: 'All' and on left 'Apply to: 'Table'

(so I was wrong to say it wasn't strictly a Page Border - egg on my face :))

  lotvic 12:03 08 Sep 2012

Edit: Uh, 'Setting: 'All' puts the borders in, to remove them obviously it's 'Setting: 'None'

'Page Layout' tab, 'Page Background' section, 'Page Borders' and in popup 'Borders' tab, on right under 'Setting: 'None' and on left 'Apply to: 'Table'

  lotvic 12:16 08 Sep 2012

Yet another way: Ribbon, 'Home' tab, 'Editing' section, 'Select', 'select All'

Ribbon, 'Design' tab, 'Table Styles' section, 'Borders' down arrowhead menu, and choose 'No Borders'

  Trenny 09:38 11 Sep 2012

Unfortunately none of these ideas work. The page (nor the individual label) can be selected. So I think that I had better start again. I think it is better if I start a new thread. Many thanks for your suggestions.

  lotvic 14:18 11 Sep 2012

Other thread:

No wonder suggestions in this thread and your others have not worked.

The 'templates' you got AAD032 has not been made as a table. It is an ordinary Word.doc and has been made using 'Format', 'text boxes' with a rounded rectangle edge, fill colour white, and have a line around them.

The first thing to do is to make copy of the AAD032.doc and keep the original safe, always work with the copy you have made.

To remove the lines you will have to do them individually by clicking inside one then: On the Ribbon, 'Format' tab, 'Text Box Styles' section, 'Shape Outline', and choose 'No Outline'

I suggest you do all your typing in boxes before you remove the lines as you will not be able to see clearly where each text box is after the lines have gone.

Tip: On a plain A4 sheet do a test print of boxes with the lines round them and hold it up against the sheet of labels to make sure your text will fall inside the actual label sheet.

(Note the difference between a label template made using a table and a word doc using Text boxes)

(I have posted the above info into your other thread as well as here)

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