La Cie External USB HDD Woes

  Wayfarrer 16:27 07 Jul 2009

I have this 750 Gb LaCie Porsche Design USB External HDD.
It was working OK and I had stuffed most of my data and two pc full back up on it.
A month back I plugged in the power cord to start up and the adapter burned off with a pungent smell. I hadn't switched the Drives power to on and neither had I plugged it in the pc's USB socket yet.
I changed the PSU with a matching one - 12 V DC 2Amp.
The blue light does come on but the drive does not whir around and neither plugging in the USB socket help.
Can any body please help??

  Rahere 17:26 07 Jul 2009

The internal circuits in the case could be damaged - The drive might well be fine but the only way you'll know is to open the case and take out the drive, connect this to your PC directly and see if it works OK

Good luck

  Wayfarrer 02:01 08 Jul 2009

Rahere, so good of you to be here. How do you open up the drive w/o damaging it. There doesn't seem to be any screws any where all over the body.
Second if the Drive is OK then can I use it as normal drive of a desktop and can I access all my data and the back up from it?
Third, LaCie support has shipped a new adapter to my brother, who actually bought it in the first place, but he shall be coming to us in Dec.
4th, is it typical of such drives to give up on you - and should not be trusted with your priceless data?
Last, how do u assume that the circuits could be damaged. Because as I said, I had not switched the Drives own power to ON and neither had I plugged in the USB connect.

  Wayfarrer 12:12 08 Jul 2009

Is there any one else out there??
Rahere seems out of his depths/

  BRYNIT 12:28 08 Jul 2009

This may help click here

  BRYNIT 12:29 08 Jul 2009

Also click here

  Wayfarrer 15:03 08 Jul 2009

BRYNIT - Thank you that does show how to open the drive enclosure. Though my one has one large slot in the middle instead of the two shown here. Maybe mine is a later model.
At least we have come one step forward.
LaCie support seems fairly confident that it should work with their newly shipped PSU. Do u think I should wait for it or is this is as good as gone -an enclosure opening case to use as a desktop HDD??

  BRYNIT 15:38 08 Jul 2009

Its difficult to answer your question.

Taking it out of the casing, you should be able to use it as a slave drive depending on connection to access your files.

If you remove the HD from the casing and it is still under warranty the warranty would be viod.

You could always ask your brother to post the adaptor to you when he receives it, this will allow you to test the adaptor before Dec. If posted make sure you insured it in case it gets lost in the post.

  Wayfarrer 15:48 08 Jul 2009

Thank u very much BRYNIT - this does clear up a lot for me.
Yes the Drive is still under warranty - however it is neither the drive nor the warranty that is important for me. It is the data on this drive which I have no back up of.
Fie to these Cos. that sell these flimsy drives - I wish I had known better before I loaded it up.

  BRYNIT 16:25 08 Jul 2009

The problem with all products is that you cannot guarantee how long they will last. It could be a few minutes or several years.

If files are important I would always recommend making copies to two desperate backup drives just in case one fails.

  BRYNIT 16:27 08 Jul 2009

Must check spelling and the spell checker. It should read separate backup dives and not desperate.

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