L5AK5 Monitor problem or something else?

  Mr_Nice_Guy 23:08 04 Dec 2003

Hi i have the visitron TFT monitor as above, and i was just playing a game with my headphones too, when the monitor went on standby and said no signal input please check cable. this has happened once before but that was history. So there i am thinking it was my monitor but i am not so sure, as the sound on the game also went, so it seemed as though my pc has crashed, what is causing this. This is only the second time it has happened and resolved by pressing restart on the tower. also sometimes when i come out of standby, sleep or screensaver, i load up a couple of windows and the screen would go blank a few times before it goes back to normal. what is this is it some kind of power saving feature?

My specs are win xp pro, running on 2800+ athlojn xp processor, with radeon 9200 256ddr gfx card, 256 mb ddr ram, 80 gig maxtor hdd, 2 drives and a floppy drive. MOBO is MSI kt4av.

  BarryKeith 23:58 04 Dec 2003

You have not mentioned the wattage of your PSU, it may be that it does not produce sufficient power to run a graphically intensive game although it works perfectly under normal use.

  Gongoozler 10:38 05 Dec 2003

Hi Mr_Nice_Guy. The monitor is just about the least likely cause of this problem. It is going blank and quite correctly telling you that there is no signal. It is much more likely to be a power problem (as suggested by BarryKeith) or a heating problem. If you have a hardware monitor installed, this may well show a power or temperature change when the computer is working hard.

  Mr_Nice_Guy 15:34 05 Dec 2003

hi sorry for not replying earlier, i went to sleep. but i dont think it is the psu as it is a 350w one, and i have played that game for like hours sometimes with no outage.any more ideas? Also gongoozler, where can i download a free hardware monitor?

  Djohn 16:09 05 Dec 2003

Might also be the graphics card overheating, the monitor would then lose the signal and display the message you see. This will most likely happen in intensive screen-savers or games, but not in normal use.

The best check for temperature is from the BIOS. Re-boot the PC and tap away on the Del. key as it boots, this will bring up the BIOS screen, use the arrow keys on keyboard to navigate through the menu and look under power settings or similar.

Do this when the PC has been running for a few minutes 10 or 15 will do, but with just the desktop on show. Re-boot and check your temp. Now run a game or intensive screen-saver for the same length of time, re-boot and check the temp again from BIOS. If the difference is more than about 10degrees then consider installing a case exhaust fan to the rear of PC. j.

  Gongoozler 16:17 05 Dec 2003

Hi Mr_Nice_Guy. Motherboards often have a hardware utility included in the software cd-rom, but the MSI site has so many errors I can't see if there is one with the MSI kt4av.

Alternatively there is a hardware monitor included in AIDA32 click here, but be a bit cautious in interpreting this because third party hardware monitors are not always 100% reliable.

On my system, VIA Hardware monitor is giving CPU temp = 42C, Motherboard temp = 33C, 3.3V = 3.40V, 5V = 5.00V, 12V = 11.83V. AIDA32 is giving CPU temp = 42C, Motherboard temp = 33C, 3.3V = 3.33V, 5V = 4.88V, 12V = 11.52V.

  InZaNE_mOdS 20:08 05 Dec 2003

yes, i think i do have one on the msi drivers disk. i will try that and tell you how it goes.

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