L earner needs help with downloading.

  geordielad307 08:22 19 May 2003

Could someone please suggest a book which explains how to download. I am brand-new to computing and would like to start downloading things that interest that I find on the 'Net, but I am a bit apprehensive that I may make a total mess of it and download a virus, or something as horrendous as that. Thanks. [email protected]

  _Treb_ 08:36 19 May 2003

Hi Geordie, there's no real secret to downloaded but security is paramount.Firstly get yourself some anti virus software and a firewall. Personally I use AVG (Anti Virus Guard) from click here and ZoneAlarm from click here Go to there web sites and click on download. When you download something you will be asked if you want to save it to disc or open it. I always save it so that it can be scanned with AVG for viruses. When asked to save the download think of somewhere that you will be able to find it. Create a folder in My Documents called Downloads or something similar then in that folder create another for AVG and ZoneAlarm call it Security for example. Then create new folders as and when you need them for games, recipies etc. If you don't know how to create folders then just post back to this forum. Regards Bob

  rawprawn 08:41 19 May 2003

First of all get firewall & antivirus programs, when you want to download anything just right click on it & then click on save targ

  rawprawn 08:49 19 May 2003

Oops sorry meant to clear it rather than post it, What _Treb_ says is right & he puts it much better.

  Andsome 08:58 19 May 2003

If you only want say one paragraph saved, you can drag your mouse pointer accross it from right to left with the left button held down. Then click FILE in the top left corner, and from the drop down box select SAVE AS, My documents will probably appear, give the file a name if you don't like the name selected and then save it. If you like, you can as suggested above create another folder, and when MY DOCUMENTS appears, click the little triangle in the corner and select your folder.

  Belatucadrus 11:10 19 May 2003

click here for Webattack one of the best download sites I know of and click here click here and click here for postings from forum members recommending assorted downloads.
Most forum members will also suggest keeping clear of Kazaa and other P2P file sharing systems, due to the lack of checks on the content, viruses like Hantaner that specifically target P2P and the dubious legality of most of the downloads.

  Goldcroft 12:10 19 May 2003

Thanks for drawing my attention to Webattack. What a great site which I am sure would be a welcome addition to anybody's Favourites list.

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