muffin1947 19:39 14 Mar 2007

Iuse a belkin wielss keboard and as you see from this mesage it keeps issing out some digits.I HAVE just chaged my grapics card socould thishave caused his proble as it wa ok untill I CHANGED th card Has anyoe go any ideas.TH SPACE BRDOE NOT mve as wel smeime.I ave changed the battere in the keyboar but tt did not hlp

  Totally-braindead 19:55 14 Mar 2007

A lot of wireless keyboards have the ability to use more than one frequency. Look and see if yours has it and if so try the other one.

  Belatucadrus 19:59 14 Mar 2007

Graphics card isn't going to affect the keyboard in any way.
Have you tried the real old fashioned approach ? Turn the keyboard upside down and shake it, see if anything's found its way inside and is interfering with key movement.

  Iron Maiden 20:00 14 Mar 2007

This mst be a built in feture of belkn keyoards
got so fed up with mine went back to wired

  Iron Maiden 20:24 14 Mar 2007

Seriously, a friend of mine had a similar problem after installing a new graphics card. we finally put it down to the fact that his new card was drawing more power than his old card and not leaving enough for the usb bus. A new psu put everything back to normal.
Might be worth looking into, simple way to check is unplug your dvd power cable & any other drives you can if keyboard works fine you need more power

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