+kWs+ what is it?

  Valvegrid 19:30 12 Jun 2003

When I logged into PCA tonight a little grey box appeared in the middle of the screen saying Microsoft Internet Explorer with +kWs+ underneath, and a yellow circle with an exclamation mark on the left and an OK button at the bottom. Tried clicking the OK button but the box wouldn't close or go away Alt+Ctrl+Delete would do anything, had to power off. I have run AV and Ad-aware in case, but nothing. Any ideas what it might have been? Have tried Google search to find it.

Running Win98SE IE6



  spikeychris 19:42 12 Jun 2003

Paul, it seems to be a big spam attack. It hit the groups a while back.


  graham√ 19:47 12 Jun 2003

I've had it, too. I'm not even on IE!

  Valvegrid 21:13 12 Jun 2003

Spam? Really? It's a strange one, any idea what the point of it is?



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