KVM 2 port switch

  Kudu 17:35 12 Nov 2003

I am having a xxxx of a time with this and been fighting with it for hours along with the Wellchia virus which was making things worse.I can, after an hour or two, get this THING working but the minute i reboot windows doesn't recognize this "unknown device" and i'm back to square one.

Contacted supplier and advice was to upgrade bios which i had done anyway a few days ago.As it's XP no driver reqd. It's a wireless kb and mouse so could that affect it.I see they sell these switches with emulated ps/2 which would help during the boot process.Grateful for any help or advice about a decent switch.

  leo49 17:55 12 Nov 2003

I sympathise - I've been trying to get one to function properly for a couple of weeks.Mine will switch from PC A to PC B but the only way to switch back is to shut down PC B. I've uninstalled mouse and keyboard software but to no avail.[Mine's a Belkin,by the way].Be nice to find a guaranteed solution.

the Belkin Unit that i use has given me no trouble from the GetGo , it derives its power from the keyboard so that could be the source of your problem. be patient as well it can take the best part of five seconds for control to transfer,

  leo49 18:29 12 Nov 2003

"it derives its power from the keyboard so that could be the source of your problem".


  y_not 20:15 12 Nov 2003

Installed one two weeks ago and began a nightmare!

Ran the helpline who advised that I needed to remove the mouse/keyboard drivers (Logitec cordless) and install generic drivers.

Did that and it works fine(ish).

Now I'm never sure from one day to the next if the scroll wheel will work but other than that its fine!

Suggest fitting the mouse/keyboard to one PC at a time remove (control panel>add/remove hardware) the two devices and install generic drivers. Then connect them together again - should work.

Burning question is why do you want two PC's & one mouse/keyboard?

"it derives its power from the keyboard so that could be the source of your problem".

meaning that the switch isnt receiving enogh power to work properly,

  flecc 20:24 12 Nov 2003

Possible reasons:-

1) Backups

2) Multi-tasking without overloading resources

3) Running sensitive information on a different computer to the one connecting to the internet.

4) Experimental work

5) Running different operating systems like Linux

6) Certainty of always being able to continue immediately if one crashes.

and many others.

  y_not 20:31 12 Nov 2003

Simply curious.

In my case I use one for day-to-day working and one for video processing which, as you are aware, is a bit resource hungry so is a basic system of O/S and editing/burning software only.

  Kudu 21:30 12 Nov 2003

Removed Logitech drivers and message is "one of the USB devices fitted to your machine has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it".If it's returned i see they want a restocking fee of 15% .

  Newuser38 22:33 12 Nov 2003

I have used the Belkin KVM 2 and now use MyHopper 4 which I got from Maplin. Both worked perfectly.I can now if need be use 4 pcs all going at once, and switching works perfectly. The 4 port came with made up cables which saved a lot of making sure everything was connected correctly fingersxd!. I have never used cordless mouse or keyboard.

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