KT4V mobo and CPU Temp

  Paroxetine 09:54 27 Apr 2003

HI all,

Sorry to have another topic bought up about temperatures and thermal issues, and I am sure we area ll getting tired of them ! :D

I have the above board KT4V MS 6712 with a 1ghz Duron installed. The problem that I have is the PC will only ever get so far into the boot sequence before it stalls and hangs up. This can be anywhere from the few seconds of the BIOS to the log in screen of windows 2k. Sometimes it will get to the found new hardware and then stall, though this is considered good!

All components that are used with this board work fine with a K7T board, and also with another KT4 Ultra board. When I have been able to go into the BIOS and view the CPU its running at 69oC ish, which I know is high yet I am still using the same heat and fan (Thermal Blue Orb).

Would there be anyone out there who has similar probs or suggestions? Before I go out and spend a small fortune (£20) on a new heat sink and some heat gunk I was wondering what help could be found here.

Spec of system is :

350W PSU
Duron 1ghz
512 RAM
128 Sound card
TNT 32mb VGA Card
network card
SCSI and matching SCSI rewriter
1x 40 GB Seagate

I have also tried swapping components one at a time and running a bare bones system, all with the same fault.

Many thanks


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That is Hot, Have you triple checked the heatsink and fan are correctly fitted. I would have that 69c would cause you issues. Check the chip is clean before you apply the paste & too much of the stuff is as bad if not worse than none at all.

  Offline 10:15 27 Apr 2003

A thread discussing the issue although there is a more recent one I couldn't find.
click here

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Just a thought, are you accidentally drastically overclocking your chip.

  Paroxetine 11:00 27 Apr 2003

thought about that o/c issue and no, got the chip all at standard defaults, no motherboard changes are happening as i cant get the system stable enough for it to be changed.

another area I was looking at was the PSU. Would this be a problem, even from type of board? Currently I have this one installed

click here
Meridian Case 350w PSU

although a Enermax 350w PSU does seem to hold higher on the 12+ v rail so I might try that one out too. Will also check out that link you posted and post again later on.

thanks for tips so far.


  Paroxetine 17:14 27 Apr 2003

sorted it now. Was the temp on the duron. The cooler didnt like the board and wouldnt hold it down so tightly. It worked with a different fan and even with a XP 1800+ so I think I know how to resolve the issue.

Thanks for the post offline, much appriecated.


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