ks75a bios upgrade

  sts2003 15:51 22 Dec 2003

i have the above board v1.0 and have just bought a new athlon xp 22oo cpu

i found out this board will support this cpu but i need to upgrade the bios i have got the latest bios i need.

i am a little confused how to do this as i am running xp pro and i obviously want to make 100% sure before i start

any help would be great thanks in advance

click here

Give you BIOS that you can then overclock the motherboard with.

click here is the Proper official BIOS for these boards

  Rayuk 18:45 22 Dec 2003

Also are you running fat32 or ntfs as flashing the bios differs for each file format

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 20:15 22 Dec 2003

Got to bios site download the bios upgrade and the flash utility make sure it the 1 for your mobo and version then copy both to a floppy disc you may need to unzip them first to hd,
reboot with floppy the type in the path.It easyier than i make it sound but make sure you do it right,and only if your happy to do it.There should also be a PDF file or somthin on the ecs site with instuctions.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 20:20 22 Dec 2003

P.S make sure you get the bios upgrade for the lan if you have it there is 2 1 with lan 1 without,and when done reload bios defaults after then set bios as you like.I flashed mine not long ago to be able to use xp cpus.

Just tried the overclocker's BIOS off the first link and it doesnt have network support, even if you have a network card seperate it doesnt allow it! So if you dont need network then use that BIOS otherswise go with the official one!

  sts2003 20:52 22 Dec 2003

ok thanks for the advice
will give it a go tommorrow and i will let you know how i get on

keeping everything crossed

  keith-236785 20:53 22 Dec 2003

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, DO NOT RELY ON AIDA32 or BELARC ADVISOR to tell you the version number of your K7S5A board, it reported mine was v1.0 and i knew it wasn't. THE VERSION NUMBER IS STAMPED ON THE BOARD NEAR THE PCI SLOTS

if you use the wrong bios version it will render your motherboard useless.

as  ÑÌÇKÑÂMË says there are FULL instructions on the ECS website for flashing the bios.

follow them and you should be OK.

good luck

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